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Journal Community
Name: Damn You Wentz (DYW)
Date(s): Created 24 March 2006 - Last updated 4 March 2008
Moderator: addictedkitten, callsigns
Founder: addictedkitten, deliberatehips
Type: fanfic, discussion
Fandom: Bandom
URL: LiveJournal

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damnyouwentz was a closed-membership community dedicated to discussing and posting fanworks of All-American Rejects, Cobra Starship, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Panic At The Disco, The Academy Is..., The Hush Sound and others.

As of 2017, the community had 3567 posts, 47,490 comments, and 77 members.[1]


damnyouwentz was founded in March 2006 by addictedkitten and deliberatehips as a haven for Popslash fans who had fallen for bandslash by the way of Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, and The Academy Is....[2][3] (The intro post mentioned only FOB, PATD, and TAI by name, and the early community profile specified that their interest in MCR was through Mikey Way.[4][2][5]) As noted in a 2007 FAQ, MCR was not included in the comm's scope because a community already existed for it (yeahchemical).[6]

The community was somewhat modeled after yeahchemical in that it 1) was geared toward mature fans, 2) emphasized quality in fanworks, and 3) had a closed membership policy, but unlike yeahchemical, most content was not locked.[5][7]

damnyouwentz was active for two years. In March 2008 addictedkitten shut down the community with no warning. A note on the userinfo page says, "DYW is completely and totally closed."


Initially, fans who wanted to join damnyouwentz either had to prove that they were a relatively good writer or able to contribute to the community somehow, whether that be through uploading footages, posting pictures, leaving feedbacks, etc. etc., before their membership request was approved.[8][9] However, this policy was later changed and members were invited only at the discretion of the moderators.[10][11]

150 was floated as the membership cap[12]; the community grew to 99 members in May 2006.[13] In July a mod announced that no new members could be added.[14]

damnyouwentz did briefly open membership for applicants in September 2006, but it was really the only occasion where anyone was allowed to request membership after the community's membership policy was changed.[15] There were 15 spots open and over 100 comments on the post.

In January 2007, mods checked recent posts and booted inactive members: "We’re sort of at a weird point where lots of people want in and some of our actual members seemed to have drifted off to parts unknown."[16] A few more fans were invited to join, but there was no public post encouraging people to apply as there had been in September 2006.

A 2006 poll revealed that 39% of the community was "younger than Joe Trohman" (under 21) and 21% were "older than Pete" (27+).[17]


damnyouwentz was one of the first - and for awhile the only - communities to focus on interband aspects of Bandom (DD+, MCR) and for many, the community became the central place for their fandom activities, a starting point for new fans and a gateway to quality fanworks.

However, as Bandom grew, damnyouwentz's closed membership policy became a source of tension and contention. People felt that the comm was elitist and were annoyed that primers posted to the comm were friendslocked. In July 2007, commenting on the wank, kalpurna remarked,

I fully believe that there are reasons why you would keep a community small, valid reasons! If it's really just a community for the mods and their close friends to discuss the fandom without being overwhelmed by teenies, that's perfectly fine! God knows there are a lot of teenies, badfic, and inexperienced writers in this fandom, and I can understand not wanting to sift through all newcomers, if it's meant to be a place for a few friends to discuss their interests. If it's just a community for the old guard of this fandom, that's also fine. If it's just a case of wanting to keep the comm small for smallness's sake, there's no reason that should cause drama, either. If any or all of those is the case, however, you need to be up-front about it.[18]

One of the mods commented in reply to say that "DYW wasn't meant to be the be-all, end-all of fandom, it was only that for lack of other options."[19]


damnyouwentz's most important legacy may be Bandom itself.[20]

It's difficult to know if the locked Pete/Mikey primer was the inspiration, but later bandom communities posted explicit rules against friendslocking primers. See bandom_primers and primedforbandom[21].

damnyouwentz is rumored to have popularized chatfic[22], picspams, and the extensive creation and use of primers in bandom.[citation needed] damnyouwentz was not the first bandom comm where chatfic was posted, but it was far more popular than sidekickfic, created in December 2005 by yeahchemical mod xoverau.

damnyouwentz also inspired the creation of weemo_closet.


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