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Journal Community
Date(s): Created 28 December 2005 - last updated 5 April 2008
Moderator: acroamatica, xoverau
Founder: xoverau
Type: chatfic
Fandom: Bandom
URL: LiveJournal, Archived version

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sidekickfic was created in December 2005 by yeahchemical mod xoverau for posting chatfic. "Sidekick" is a reference to the brand of smartphone owned by Mikey Way in the 2000s.

Rules were enumerated in the community profile: members must be over 18, gen and slash only, no off-topic posts. "There are no rules regarding content. Sex, blood, abuse, AUs, unicorns, secret cutting, anorexia, controversial topics, politics, anything goes, just as long as it's discussed in character. However, if something has content you feel might be objectionable or triggering to your readers, post a warning in the cut tag."


As of December 2021, the community has 141 posts; 1,584 comments; and 75 members. (In 2008, the community had 119 members.)

Based on community tags, fans wrote chatfic about the following bandom ships:

  • Bert/Mikey - 5 posts
  • Bob/Frank - 4 posts
  • Bob/Matt - 4 posts
  • Branden/Jeph - 1 post
  • Cillian/Frank - 1 post
  • Dom/Gerard - 6 posts
  • Frank/Jeph - 1 post
  • Frank/Macmanus brothers - 5 posts
  • Frank/Mikey - 6 posts
  • Gerard/Mikey - 6 posts
  • Gerard/Quinn - 4 posts