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Synonyms: fandom primer
See also: Canon Resource, Master Post, Ship Manifesto
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A fannish primer is a nonfiction resource compiled by one or more fans to provide basic information about a fandom, ship, or character for the benefit of others who might be interested in joining the fandom. Primers are intended to lower the barriers to entry (such as decades of convoluted and difficult-to-acquire canon, aka superhero comics) to entice more people into your fandom. The primer may include one or more of the following types of information: canon overview; list of characters; popular ships; popular fanfic tropes; fanwork recommendations; links to forums, archives, and other fannish resources; and an argument for why the fandom/ship is the best ever and everyone should join it.

The meaning of the word in the fannish sense is derived from the education term "primer": An elementary textbook introducing a topic, or teaching basic concepts.[1]

LiveJournal had several communities where primers were posted, including newbieguide, ship_manifesto, and crack_van. Fans also posted (and continue to post) primers on their personal journals.

Primers on Tumblr tend to be image-heavy and/or in the form of Powerpoints.


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