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Synonyms: presentation
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The fan practice of creating PowerPoints or slideshow presentations to give explanations of fandom knowledge developed on Tumblr in 2012. They are often intentionally low quality or simplistic. Common featured of the presentations are that they are image-heavy, include low quality copy and pasting, and randomly placed narration in comic sans font. They may be like primers in that they provide basic information about a fandom, ship, or character for the benefit of others who might be interested in joining the fandom.


One of the earliest slideshows using this approach was posted to Tumblr on October 28th, 2012, by jacknoir-sexual. The post, "Homestuck according to my sister."[1], used the format to explain the webcomic Homestuck from the perspective of his sister, who had never read it. It contained many images to showcase Homestuck's art and scattered comic sans text, written by the sister, that expressed her reactions to them. The post was popular with Homestuck fandom because it self-referentially acknowledged that Homestuck is often confusing.

This evolved into the format of presentations called "What I know about [Fandom] from my dash." These posts commented on popular fandoms from an outsider's perspective and were spread within the fandom. The format was humorous whether the conjectures were wrong or right, and the posts often gave a spotlight to popular fanon, headcanons, or memes in the fandoms.

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