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Synonyms: masterpost
See also: Header
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A Master Post is a term used usually in journal-based fandom for a post that introduces and links to a fanworks multiple parts or locations. It is often used for long fanfiction that exceeds single post limits on sites like Livejournal. It is also used for fanfic that has fanart, podfic, or other associated works hosted elsewhere.

The term may be used to refer to post on a community journal as part of a challenge or fest, or it might refer to a post on a private journal for any fanwork or groups of related works. For festivals and challenges, fans often end up producing a master post in both locations.

The content usually includes all the usual parts of a standard header, but sometimes it includes more extensive notes and acknowledgements than is common for fanworks. Many fans produce banner art specifically for the post, sometimes as part of the associated art for a big bang.

On Tumblr, the term is also used to refer to long, usually image-heavy posts including fandom primers, ship manifestos, and other fannish topics that the user has tried to cover comprehensively. For example, see this One Direction shippy masterpost, this is a masterpost called narry ACTUALLY did this. that’s it. that’s all., posted by siempreniall in 2014.