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Synonyms: blog-based fandom
See also: LiveJournal, DreamWidth, InsaneJournal, Journalfen, GreatestJournal, The Impact of Blogging on Fandom
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Journal-based fandom is a catchall term sometimes used to distinguish fannish activities that primarily take place on journal-based platforms such as LiveJournal, DreamWidth, InsaneJournal and JournalFen, from those that take or took place on platforms like usenet, internet mailing lists and bulletin boards, Yahoo Groups, archives, and in zines.

Some fans also distinguish between "traditional" journal-based fandom, which tends to be text-heavy and foster threaded conversations, and the more recent microblogging platform Tumblr, which tends to be image-heavy and where conversations take place through reblogging across many Tumblrs rather than in one or a few threads on journals.