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Name: GreatestJournal
Dates: 2003-2007 (2009)
Type: Social Networking Site, Blogging Platform
Fandom: Multifandom, Meta
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GreatestJournal was a LiveJournal clone. Around the year 2003, GreatestJournal's icon limit for free members was 1000, much higher than LiveJournals -- this was also near the time LiveJournal was invite-only. Because of this, GreatestJournal was a very popular hosting place for RPGs.

In late 2007, GJ's owners announced that they were no longer going to continue upgrading the site. At that time, they stopped allowing account creation, instead referring potential users to InsaneJournal. It was announced that the site would be close completely at the end of January 2009.[1]

In 2020 the site seems to have developed into a place where you can find – maybe? – ghostwriters for blogs like WordPress.


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