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Name: Ghostwriter
Abbreviation(s): GW
Creator: Liz Nealon
Date(s): 1992-1995
Medium: Live-action Television
Country of Origin: USA
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Ghostwriter was a children's television show broadcast on PBS in its original airing and later syndicated on The N. It featured a diverse group of young teens from Brooklyn, New York, who were able to see a ghost -- Ghostwriter -- who could only communicate with them through the written word. Ghostwriter was often shown rearranging the letters on nearby text media, such as posters on the wall, flyers on an electrical pole, newspapers for sale on the sidewalk, etc., to give one of the Ghostwriter Team an urgent message. The show has retained a cult fandom since its airing due in part to its cheesy '90s fashion, slang, and special effects, but fans of the show also defend it and remember it fondly. There were subsequent children's novels that gave further background and depth to all of the show's characters, including Ghostwriter itself.