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Synonyms: Transformative Works
See also: fanac, fan, fandom, fanon, canon
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A fanwork is a creative work produced by one or more fans, generally intended for other fans. A common defining phrase used in fandom is "by fans for fans,"[1] or something similar,[2] though this definition might incorporate other fan activity as well.

Wikipedia defines a creative work as "a manifestation of creative effort such as artwork, literature, music, and paintings."[3]

In fanworks, some element of a canon work -- the source text or event -- is taken and incorporated into a new creative piece. The taken element can be the characters, world setting, plot, stories, still images, video clips, or something else from the source. Examples of creative pieces are limitless and include: a short story, a novel, a zine, a poem, a painting, a doll, a song, a video, or some work that combines these media.

Types of Fanworks


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