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Synonyms: fanfic trailer
See also: constructed reality vids, fusion trailer, fake trailers
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Fic Trailer. (n.) A vid designed to advertise or promote a fanfiction story. (Not every vid based on or inspired by a story is a trailer.) Most trailers do serve the purpose of summarizing or advertising a story.

A related practice in the pro writing arena are book trailers. They were being made as early as 2002, becoming more popular around 2005 when Youtube and other sites made distributing them more convenient.[1]

Other Definitions

Newkidfan defines a "fic trailer" very specifically for the artword community, though not everyone would agree with this ultra-precise definition.[2] Artword's definition includes:

- Length: from 30 seconds to 1:30min. Not more.
- Format: has to be structured as an actual trailer: video, text, music, even bits of dialogs, credits, etc...
- Music: unless the music is imposed in the challenge, you can choose your own music (with or without lyrics). If the piece is longer than the length of the trailer, edit it so it fits (try to avoid abrupt ending.) You also don't have to stick to one piece of music. You can have more than one as long as it serves the trailer and the pieces are edited right.[2]



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