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Title: Tintagel
Author(s): seperis
Date(s): 06 April 2009
Length: 20,617 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Tintagel (AO3)
Tintagel (LiveJournal)
Tintagel (Ebook Library)
Tintagel (audiobook)
Тинтагель (AO3)
Tintagel (fic trailer)
fic trailer by algine (2010)

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Tintagel is a Merlin/Arthur story by seperis (20,617 words). It has a strong Ygraine/Nimueh, Ygraine/Uther subplot.

Summary: They would pay any price that was asked, Nimueh whispered at the end, trembling with exhaustion, desperate, pleading, anything, anything at all. Just give her this child. Give her the son he stole from her.

Recs and Reviews

  • "A very powerful, compelling piece in which Arthur learns the story of his birth and the days following. The Ygraine/Nimueh storyline was beautiful and heartbreaking."[1]
  • "Arthur goes to visit his birthplace. He and Merlin find something unexpected there."[2]
  • "this take on Ygraine and Nimueh, this is actually what has been going on in my head for quite a while now, especially with Arthur being Nimueh's since I wondered whether he could be called Uther's son if he had been conceived by her magic. You gave the characters dimension the show failed to do and it's just heart-breaking and just seems so true."[3]
  • "I don't have words for how this makes me feel. There is a terror and darkness in this story that throws the love within into sharp relief. I have always believed that there was something between Nimueh and Igraine, a bond that broke Nimueh's heart as much as Uther's when Igraine died and to see it play out like that breaks me, too. To have Merlin and Arthur see it, taste it, feel it like that, it makes me shiver and ache. You play on Merlin and Arthur's love, their impenetrable connection exactly like I see them, and it's both enormously beautiful, a source of strength and warmth for them both, as well as a terrible, dangerous power. Alone they are king and sorcerer, together they are scarily, incredibly powerful. I fear them, as much as I love them, and their love, so tangled up in each other, so wrapped around each other, makes me both joyful and terrified."[4]

Podfic, Translation, Fanart, Trailer

Illustration by Thymus (2010)

dyaoka podficced the story[5] and cybel turned it into an audiobook. The podfic is 2:13:41 hours long and available at the Audiofic Archive.

Story banner by Thymus (2010). Each banner separately is also a section header in the story.

TaiD translated Tintagel for the Russian Merlin Big Bang 2010.[6] Ksans (portrait of Arthur, illustration of Ygraine and Nimueh with baby Arthur) and Thymus (3 banners, Merlin/Arthur bathtub scene) created stunning fanart for Тинтагель (all embedded in the story) and algine made a fic trailer[7] that beautifully mirrors the epic atmosphere of the story and uses external footage that's just perfect for this purpose. The trailer is 1:47 min long. (The feedback post for translation, art and trailer has the trailer and a GIF version of the three banners by Thymus embedded in the entry.[8])


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