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Name: Ebook Library
Date(s): 2006-present
Archivist: Amalthia
Founder: Amalthia
Type: gen, het, slash
Fandom: multifandom
URL: website
Dreamwidth community
LiveJournal community
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The Ebook Library (fanfiction on the run) is an archive for ebook-ready fanfiction in multiple fandoms.

Fanfiction on the site is compatible with the following ereaders: Sony PRS, Cybook, Nook, iLiad, HanLin eBook, Ebookwise, Amazon Kindle.

All stories posted at the site are archived there with permission of the author.[1] As of January 2012 the archive hosts almost 1200 stories by 280+ authors.

Amalthia compiled an extensive tutorial on creating ebook-ready copies of fanfiction for the site.[2]


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  2. ^ Ebook Formatting Tutorial index page at the Ebook Library. (Accessed 4 Jan 2012)