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Name: Audiofic Archive, AA, AfA, the Archive, Audiofic
Date(s): 2006-ongoing
Archivist: jinjurly (initially - current host and admin is squidgiepdx)
Founder: jinjurly
Type: Podfic Archive
Fandom: Multifandom
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The Audiofic Archive, a multifandom podfic archive, was created and maintained by general_jinjur (also known as jinjurly). The Archive was created in 2006, specifically to host a diverse plethora of podfic and had a specific mission statement to uplift smaller fandoms and all creators. It moved to its current domain in 2008 and rose in popularity around 2011 and 2012. In 2013, the Archive claimed to host at least 10,206 podfic, and by 2016 there was over 25,000.

In 2016, the Archive suffered a server corruption that led to a huge file loss. For some years the Archive was still available, but many audio files were missing and no new podfics were added. However, several developments have occurred. The Archive has been rehosted at and squidgiepdx gained admin access during 2021. Software was located at the end of 2021 that identified all Archive entries with missing files and in early 2022 squidgiepdx recruited several other fans to help restore the Archive. The 5,082 missing files are being relocated through a crowdsourced project with a public spreadsheet. The Archive is also once again taking submissions for additional podfics to be added, and all restored and new entries now have a streaming link in addition to download links.

By May 2023, more than 4,300 of the 5,078 missing files were recovered. The crowdsource effort is ongoing to locate the remaining 778 files that are missing. For details on the project and to assist locating the last missing files, see the SquidgeStatus page on Dreamwidth.

Site Scope

Mission Statement

The mission of the audiofic archive is two-fold: to mirror and preserve podfic files on the behalf of and with the permission and full knowledge of the file creators; and to provide stable access to those files in downloadable form.


Content in the audiofic archive is not vetted, rated, or picked over. No fandoms, pairings, or genres are excluded, and the archive continually and actively solicits audio readings of fanfiction in any fandom, and supports the further creation of such.

-"audiofic archive mission and values statements"[1]

Creator Permission

The front page of the archive states that "Everything in this archive is posted with creator permission." (The creator in this case is the podficcer.) All archive entries include links to the original story text and feedback links for both author and reader.

Unlike with Paraka Productions, only the archivists were able upload podfics, so permission to upload was sought in a few ways. First, according to jinjurly, Audiofic Archive maintainers actively solicited permission to host podfic in any fandom and of any length or story type.[2][Note 1] Another major source of podfic for the archive is the amplificathon community, which is run by the archivists; podficcers from many fandoms post there to get archive hosting.[3] Podficcers could also contact the archive directly to get their files hosted. Finally, several challenges including ITPE, usually modded by archivists, formerly relied on the archive for their hosting.

However, the relationship between the Amplificathon community and the Audiofic Archive is not always clear to non-archivists. At least two podficcers who had podfic posted to the Amplificathon community, but didn't use the archive itself, were unaware of what the Audiofic Archive was or that posting podfic to Amplificathon granted the archive permission to host their files.[4][Note 2] Amplificathon's community profile does state that "all podfic posted to this community will be added to the audiofic archive",[5] but the language of the Amplificathon challenge FAQ is somewhat vague about where the podfic would be archived and has caused confusion.[6][7] Thus, the implication on the archive's mission statement page that all podfics were uploaded "with the permission and full knowledge of the file creators" is not correct.[8]

Despite the communication failures, the Archive's policy doesn't seem to have been a source of conflict, and most podficcers do not appear to have been confused by it. Podficcers always had the option to request that their works be removed later, though this option is not explicitly stated. Poor communication did become a major complaint within the community after the 2016 server failures, but with the current rehosting and restoration, improved communication is occurring and there has been wide fan involvement in locating missing files.


All files are available in .mp3 and .zip files for accessibility purposes, but may also be available in additional formats.

Other Multimedia

A few filks and fan songs are also included, and three[9] podvids: Keylines by Cupidsbow, What A Difference A Year Makes by erica schall, and busaikko's podvid for bitter-crimson's The Epic Tale of Rodney & John, Two Girl Scout Cookies in Love.


On 17 February 2013, Jinjurly confirmed via Twitter that at the time there were 10,206 podfics by 914 podficcers on the archive.[10]

In December 2016, Paraka stated on Auralphonic that the Archive had once hosted over 25,000 podfic.[11] The Archive has since run out of server space.

Fandom Popularities

In 2008 the Amplificathon challenge was set up to increase the diversity of podfics available on the archive. At that time, the three most represented fandoms on the Archive were Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, and Due South.[12]

The distribution of fandoms has changed since 2008, though as of 2015 no fandom had managed to displace Supernatural.

At the 2012 challenge, the most popular fandoms on the Archive were Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, and Merlin.[13] In a Pod Aware 2012 podcast, it was pointed out that Bandom RPF would have beat Merlin had each band not been counted separately.[14]

In February 2013, the most popular fandoms were Supernatural (with 2059 podfics), Stargate Atlantis (1523), Supernatural RPF (756), Harry Potter (653), Merlin (633), and My Chemical Romance (535).[15]

In 2014, the Audio Snippers Club did a comprehensive Podfic Stats comparison between Ao3 and the Audiofic Archive.[16] For some reason, these numbers do not match up with Paraka's 2014 stats from four months earlier, and are, as a whole, smaller by a statistically significant amount.[17]

In October 2015, according to Paraka, the top ten most prolific fandoms were, in descending order: Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, Supernatural RPF, Merlin, The Avengers, My Chemical Romance, and Due South.[Note 3] This list includes fandoms that did not exist when the Archive was started, though the fandoms in the 2015 list have remained relatively stable since at least March 2014.[Note 4]


In 2015, thingswithwings did an analysis of the longest podfics on the Archive and their comparative femslash numbers.

[@twwings on Twitter,[18] Feb 27, 2015]
of the 97 podfics >10hours on the audiofic archive, 2 have femslash in them: one as a 3rd pairing on the story, one as a 15th pairing
[@twwings on Twitter,[19] Feb 27, 2015]
of the 88 fics 7:30:00-10:00:00hrs on the audiofic archive, 1 has femslash in it, as a fourth pairing
[@twwings on Twitter,[20] Feb 27, 2015]
of the 204 podfics 5:00:00-7:30:00hrs on the audiofic archive, 1 has femslash in it, as 4th and 5th pairings, 1 is Homestuck so idek
[@twwings on Twitter,[21] Feb 27, 2015]
of the 179 podfics 4:00:00-5:00:00 in the audiofic archive, 2 have femslash, as 1st pairings

Site History

Early History

In a 2014 Pod Aware podcast, jinjurly described the circumstances surrounding the creation of the Archive. At the time, podfics were usually uploaded to free file hosts like YouSendIt where links would expire quickly. Jinjurly had webspace available, so they started hosting files for other fans as "a way I can actually be useful to fandom." About the archive itself, they said it was "the direct result of a conflict I had with another fan" who had very strong opinions about how podfic should and should not be made. The other fan told Jinjurly that she wanted to start a curated podfic archive that would only accept what she considered the best; in a move Jinjurly admits was "super passive aggressive," they rushed to build the Audiofic Archive while the other fan was out of town.[22]

On its mission statement page, the Audiofic Archive states that all podfic is welcome and "that diversity of source, voice, language, and point of view make our experience richer."[23] In a 2012 interview with Andrea Horbinski as part of the Fan Fiction Oral History Project, Jinjurly expanded:

That diversity is--that's what I want the world to be, that's what I want fandom to be. And so that's what I want the archive to be. I want it to include as many things as possible and I want to not curate. I don't want to pass judgement on anything. [...] I want to say, "Hey look, we're big and we're all different and isn't it cool that we're this giant tapestry that you're too close to see it, but I'm sure there's a picture somehow." [...] The fact that I approach this fairly politically and that I definitely have an agenda there--I mean, the agenda is sort of, broadly stated, is that every voice be valued and that everyone's contribution be valued.

The Archive originated in March 2006 as a set of mirrored podfic files kept in a webfolder.[24] The first podfic hosted was Rageprufrock's recording of her Stargate Atlantis story #435, The Atlantis Local Stitch'n'Bitch Chapter. Other SGA stories followed, read by Jaebi_lit and Hack_benjamin22.

On August 25, 2006, the Archive debuted as an html page of links to all hosted files.[25] At that time,[26] all recordings were of Stargate Atlantis stories.

In early June 2007, a second page was added to cover Due South and C6D fandoms.[27] The first reader archived outside of Stargate Atlantis was Slidellra.[28] In July, a third page was added, for non-Due South-related fandoms.

On August 22, 2007, the Archive moved from those three list-form index pages to a Wordpress software installation at

Hard limits in the category capacity of Wordpress crippled site performance within only a few months, and the site collapsed in early April 2008. The breakdown was brought about by the first week of the Amplificathon challenge, a content drive for the Archive with an aim of increasing diversity in fandom offerings. A series of temporary fixes were put into place, merging some categories and converting others into tags, but the site remained slow, and maintenance-oriented repairs could not keep pace with site growth.

In July 2008, Dodificus became the first archive volunteer, helping to clean up archive entries as part of the run-up to the new platform. Other volunteers are Aphelant, Countess7, Pennyplainknits, and Winkingstar.

The threat of imminent site collapse prompted a move to Drupal software on September 5, 2008. At that time, the Archive was moved to its own subdomain, The archivists' work then focused on strengthening the category structure to support growth and enhance usability.

During Amplificathon 2011, the archive's upload function was severely incapacitated and was not fixed until Amplificathon 2012. Because all podfic posted to the Amplificathon community on LiveJournal is uploaded by mods to the archive, the backlog of non-archived podfics increased to over 1000.[Note 5]

2012 Malware Attack

In mid-February 2012, the site was hijacked by malware[29][30] It was offline from February 21 to March 5.

Issues started to pop up as early as February 10, 2012:

[@littleroo27 on Twitter,[31] Feb 10]
anyone know what's up with

Jinjurly finally responded to questions regarding site issues on February 15, but the site stayed up for 6 more days:

[@flockofwords on Twitter,[32] Feb 15, 2012]
@jinjurly bb, I'm sure you're sick of being asked this, but what's the sitch with the audiofic archive? As it seems to have been hacked?
[@jinjurly in response to @flockofwords, Feb 15, 2012]
@flockofwords yeah. i've spent the evening rooting out malware. i may shut it temporarily - will post in morning.
[@catgiggles on Twitter,[33] Feb 18, 2012]
what happend to the audiofic site? I'm all out of new podfics, I need my drug.....NOW!
[@carenhavingfun on Twitter,[34] Feb 21, 2012]
@jinjurly @flockofwords Can you give another update on jinjurly audio-fic site? Most alarmed to find it listed as "attack site."

Finally, on February 21, the site was taken offline, and was initially projected to be back online March 1.[35] It finally came back online on March 5.[36]

2016 Server Failure (And Aftermath)

Initial Downtime

On April 11, 2016, during Amplificathon 2016, the Archive went offline for scheduled maintenance as it moved to a new server,[37] but the Archive stayed down for more than two and a half months.

On May 4, jinjurly posted an update in amplificathon explaining the initial corruption and loss, but assuring the Archive would be back soon and the problems were repairable:

in april, we were moving to a new dedicated server, which we thought would take us offline very briefly (minutes). as you may have guessed, that isn't how it went down. in the process of moving, the data was mishandled, corrupted, and in some cases, destroyed. that's why we have backups! however, there was also an undetected failure in the backup process, so we are missing some files. I wish I could be more precise about which and how many, but I haven't had time to really dig yet. We will be restoring from backup in the next few days, and then going through to see what's either missing or not connected properly to the archive interface. At that point, we will be reaching out to restore whatever is missing, and we'll be temporarily unpublishing the archive entries that don't connect to files. They will be back up once they are connected.

-general_jinjur in Amplificathon[38]

The site remained down for almost two more months.

Site Return and Paraka Conflict

On June 29, 2016, the site came back online. Jinjurly posted another update on the status of the Archive in the Amplificathon comm, explaining that most of the backups weren't yet connected, but the site had been offline too long.[39] They then apologized for the long wait and asked, "do you have a bunch of podfic saved locally? would you like to help our archivists out? give us a holler to let us know what you have, and we will gratefully take copies off your hands - if you have things we also have as queued backup files, there's no harm in having two copies, and if you have something we're missing, then - hooray!"

In response, kitsuneheart commented, offering a Dropbox with 300gb of space. Jinjurly replied, accepting their proposal, and also asking them to lead a crowd sourced files project.

Paraka also replied to Jinjurly's post, stating if people hosted on Paraka Productions, the process would be a lot faster since she could shift them server-to-server. However, she also mentioned that she was having trouble with her volunteer access, and asked why she couldn't log in. There was no response.

On July 1, the next day, Paraka attempted to contact Archive volunteers multiple times, this time on Twitter, regarding helping with backups.[40][41] She received response from @aphelant (an Archive volunteer), and started researching what was missing. At this point, many people were reporting that their links were all producing error messages.

On July 4, Paraka's roommate @johnmelmoth2 created a script to check the entries on the archive and see whether the link works or not. Initial reaction to this news included excitement and concern from other podfic fans.[42]

Later that day, Paraka revealed her findings; namely that 83% (around 20,000) of the links currently on the Archive were 404ing. In a long thread on her Twitter, she asked the Archive volunteers for clarification and explanation, since all information about the issue made it seem like it wasn't that big of a deal, and yet they were asking for volunteers without specifying scope or giving information on what needed to be done (or how to do it).[43]

The @audioficarchive twitter replied to the thread asking once again for patience as they sorted everything out. Paraka replied to their response, explaining that Archive volunteers explicitly asked for crowd-sourced work and she was trying to determine what they needed from her and other crowd-sourced volunteers, whether they were supposed to just wait for the backups to restore, or be more active, and what exactly they were supposed to do in that regard.[44][45]

On July 5 (the next day), Jinjurly responded on their own twitter. To summarize, Jinjurly was frustrated because, in their opinion:

  • Paraka did not wait for response from the maintainers before running her script[46]
  • Paraka was "spreading panic", and "brewed a massive tempest" on a holiday when everyone was busy and couldn't immediate respond[47][48]
  • no one had asked people for crowd-sourced files[49]
  • the general tone of the thread was accusatory[50][51]

Jinjurly went on to explain that the backups were not yet restored, and this (along with files that have been deleted over the years for various other reasons) was the cause for the great number of 404s currently on the site.[Note 6]

While Jinjurly received a few tweets in support of their perspective on the situation, other fans—including anatsuno and aphelant—replied to defend Paraka.[52] They pointed out it was entirely normal for anyone to investigate the situation on their own, considering the long time period of site inactivity and confusion over the situation after only a few short updates, and with everyone's links 404ing.

Paraka herself responded, explaining her process for gathering the 404 links and attempts for accurate numbers. She also explained that she believed the language of Jinjurly's recent post was calling for crowd sourcing, especially with their response to kitsuneheart, and her frustration with the vagueness and contradictions of the situation.[53][54] She ended, however, with acknowledging that regardless of intent, her script and information was not appreciated, and finally asking what she can do to help, offering her knowledge of technical IT work, and issuing a public apology on her twitter.[55][56] Jinjurly acknowledged her apology and offer for help.

Last Official Word and Jinjurly Silence

Later that day, akamine_chan posted a third update in Amplificathon addressing the concerns over panic, and once again reiterating that the loss was not that large and, while time-consuming, the back-up process would proceed smoothly and as fast as possible.[57] This was the last real official update on the state of the Archive.

On July 6, Jinjurly replied "coming soon!" to @EosRose's tweet asking for a list of their missing files[58] However, jinjurly would not publicly tweet, post, comment, or otherwise explicitly mention the Archive again for the rest of the year.

The @audioficarchive twitter periodically boosted a post asking for volunteers over the next few months, with their last tweet on December 15, 2016.[59] On December 30, 2016, the Archive community volunteer wrangler effectively resigned,[60] which is likely the reason for the lack of continued volunteer efforts (or any other updates).

Paraka's 2016-2017 Crowd-Sourcing Effort

With the site back online, new podfics continued to be uploaded, but much of the Archive's back catalog was still unavailable until December 2016, when Paraka started a crowdsourcing project to get at least all the podfics also hosted on parakaproductions back up.[61] While many fans were eager to help with the restoration, some were reticent to give their files back to the Archive in light of the revealed instability.[11][62]

Other fan uncertainty aside, Paraka and her team were actually incredibly productive, and managed to find and reupload 14,000 of the 20,000 missing podfic. Unfortunately, on February 24, 2017, they ran into a server space issue.

This is an unofficial update on the state of the Audiofic Archive.

As some of you may know, back in December I started organizing a crowd sourcing of the missing back catalogue of the archive. We recovered almost 14,000 the approximately 20,000 files missing, leaving just over 6,000 to go.

However on February 3 while trying to upload podfics, I got an error saying that the server was out of space. I hoped that would be a temporary error, but thus far it has not been resolved. I've contacted the head of the Archive asking for help as they are the only ones able to contact the webhosting the company to get this straightened out but have not heard back (I'm sure many of you have been reading between the lines but the archivists have been working on their own to restore the archive without any guidance from the archive owner. We haven't had any news since [the public update July 5th]). This means we're unable to add any files to the Archive, whether they're new podfics or from the backlog of missing ones.

Thank you to everyone who helped get those 14K files back up, I'll follow up if anything changes in the future.

-paraka in Amplificathon[63]

Jinjurly replied to this post, in their first public response about the issue since July 6, 2016, with "It is a temporary error, and I'm working on it."[64] The server continues to be frozen in March 2019.

In December 2016's Auralphonic Episode 025: Topicless, podficcers Jenepod, Dodificus, and Paraka discussed the continuing relevance of the archive to podfic fandom, the effect of the archive going down ("devastating," said Paraka), and the importance of keeping multiple copies.[65] The auralphonic + ep025 Pinboard contained a link to a Podfic List of files that had been lost in the crash.

The last podfic was uploaded to the Archive in February 2017. Works can still be downloaded, but there has been no statement about the Archive's future beyond Paraka's unofficial statement in February 2017 regarding server space. In June 2017, the last update on their post about server space, paraka added "I just checked the server and we're still out of space. /o\"

In April 2018, jinjurly replied to a comment on Twitter that mentioned the archive with "…guess i should repair it >.>", but otherwise the archive remained in stasis, with no other official or unofficial word.

2022 Squidge.Org

In January 2022, squidgiepdx posted an update on the status of the archive, which included the information that the archive had been hosted by for several years, and that the site was now active again, with new archivists. squidgiepdx and mific were trying to crowdsource missing files, and the results of Paraka's crowdsourcing efforts would also be used. Podficcers could now submit their works again to be added to the archive.[66]

By the end of February 2022, 3,779 (74.3%) of the missing files were located and 1,600 were resolved/restored (31.4% of all the missing files restored, 42.3% of the located files restored). By the end of March 2022, 3,840 (75.6%) of the missing files were located and 2,493 were resolved/restored (49% of full archive restored, 64.9% of located files restored).

On the "browse recent posts" page, a number of new podfic posts have been added since January 2022.

Reactions & Reviews

General Prestige and Popularity

[@fieldtoolarge on Twitter,[67] Jan 4, 2012]
Y'know, I think I liked it better when all my podfic was on the audiofic archive & I was blissfully ignorant of dl stats.

[anon 1 on fail-fandomanon,[68] Dec 9, 2013]
I hope one day the audiofic archive will include streams so I can ditch the AO3 for getting to podfic streams.
[anon 2, in reply to anon 1, Dec 9, 2013]
I'm glad the audiofic archive is taking off.
[anon 1, in reply to anon 2, Dec 9, 2013]
I love it with my whole being! And based on my interactions the people who run it seem very competent.

[@vworpvworp on Twitter,[69] Mar 7, 2014]
Five minutes on the wider internet audio/podfic culture and I'm so, so grateful to have @audioficarchive all over again.

[@ParakaPod on Twitter,[70] Mar 25, 2014]
Day 2593: I still appreciate the @audioficarchive soooooooooo much <3 #onapodficdownloadingspree

[@bunchofliars on Twitter,[71] Aug 10, 2014]
jinjurly’s audiofic archive should be listed amongst the seven wonders of the world tbh <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

[anon on fail-fandomanon,[72] Oct 23, 2014]
do people even realize the audiofic archive is literally run by one person with some helpers and I don't know how much data they host but it being audiofiles it's going to be much more than AO3's 50 gigs. No, you don't need an army.

Confusion About Amplificathon

[anon 1 on fail-fandomanon,[73] May 27, 2014]
Does anyone have any recommendations for podfic archives? AO3 is kind of awkward for that sort of thing, and I already use I would be especially interested in places with lots of podfic for book, movie, and live action TV fandoms. Is there anywhere else I should be looking?
[anon 2, in reply to anon 1, May 27, 2014]
Do you already belong to Amplificathon on DW? That's got a lot of new stuff.
[anon 3, in reply to anon 2, May 27, 2014]
Everything posted to Amplificathon (both DW and lj) eventually gets posted to the Audiofic Archive. It's one of the "you accept this about the comm" things.

Archive Stability

[anon 1 on fail-fandomanon,[74] Mar 31, 2013]
With the current way AO3 supports art and videos, if deviantArt, Vimeo, or the Audiofic Archive ceased to exist, a huge amount of fanworks nominally "at the AO3" would become a sea of red Xs and files not found.
[anon 2, in reply to anon 1, Mar 31, 2013]
I'm currently inclined to give the audiofic archive a longer lifespan than the ao3. I'm kind of curious about what happened there anyway since jinjurly used to be involved with the OTW (at least I think that is not the case anymore? correct me if wrong) and I would have expected that to lead to the pooling of know-how and resources but... I don't think that is what happened.

[@dynamicsymmetry on Twitter,[75] Nov 24, 2014]
Would be neat if Ao3 supported audio versions of fics. Thinking about recording one of mine.
[@brewsternorth in reply to @dynamicsymmetry, Nov 24, 2014]
There's also the @audioficarchive, for what it's worth... some folks put up a permalink there at AO3 in addition to stream

[anon on fail-fandomanon,[76] Feb 21, 2015]
Mediafire and Dropbox seem to be the most frequent free sites used that don't suck. Sendspace is OK too. Submit it to the audiofic archive so there will eventually be a more permanent link that you can put up, so you don't have to worry about re-upping to the free sites.

Navigation Frustrations

[@twwings on Twitter,[77] Dec 6, 2011]
I love approx. 8000 things about the audiofic archive, but the numbered file names make me want to bash my head against the wall.

[@isweedan on Twitter,[78] Apr 3, 2012]
(I really don't like how things from the audioficarchive are random # .zip files - I have all these files and I don't know what's in them)

[anon on fail-fandomanon,[79] Feb 15, 2013]

I'm also frustrated by the lack of story synopses. I remember this being frustrating in podbangs past, too. (And on the audiofic archive overall, while I'm whining about it).

The whole process of downloading and getting onto the player is already "labor-intensive" enough, without requiring extra click-throughs to every story to find out what the heck they're ABOUT.

[anon on fail-fandomanon,[80] Jul 15, 2014]
Unfortunately the audiofic archive is not very easy to search by reader+fandom or reader+author or length or anything

[@audioficarchive on Twitter,[81] Jul 17, 2014]
hey @podfic any thoughts on recommended standards for tagging files? and ways to encourage tagging?
[@bessyboo in reply to @audioficarchive,[82] Jul 17, 2014]
I ALWAYS feel sort of sad when I download podfic with awesome art, and go to look...
[@bessyboo in reply to @audioficarchive,[83] Jul 17, 2014]
...who it's by, and there's no indication on the podfic itself. Tracking it back...
[@bessyboo in reply to @audioficarchive,[84] Jul 17, 2014] download posts is a pain, & sometimes it's not even indicated on the AA pages.
[@audioficarchive, in reply to @bessyboo, Jul 17, 2014]
yeah, cover artist as a field on aa pages is new - archivists aren't always given the info, but I like to add it if possible
[@SisterofWar in reply to @audioficarchive]
A lot of folks submit to Amplificathon. Maybe the admins of that can require tagging for submissions to count?
[@audioficarchive in reply to @SisterofWar, July 20, 2014]
problem w requiring id3 tags on file is it's *another* thing for archivists to check & it's at midpoint of workflow

[@Tribyen on Twitter,[85] Oct 14, 2014]
I'm having no luck finding it via AO3/google and searching thru the audiofic archive is a bit of a slog, what w/ there being no summaries

[@tptigger42 on Twitter,[86] Jun 16, 2015]
Anyone have a favorite podfic source besides just searching on AO3?
[@ParakaPodfic in reply to @tptigger42, Jun 16, 2015]
@tptigger42 There's the audiofic archive that isn't always the easiest to navigate, but has a lot of content:

Public vs Private Collaborative Fanwork Posting Debate

[anon 1 on fail-fandomanon,[87] Jun 26, 2013]
Yeah, I'm an RPF writer who locks most of there stuff (I have one gen story not locked), and I've had a 'blanket permission' statement on my work, that I've just amended to include locking anything related to a locked fic. I've had someone podfic one of my stories without advance permission, and post it to Ao3 unlocked. I asked them to lock it to Ao3, which they did, but can't lock it on the podfic archive they're using. It puts me in a tough spot because I don't want to appear ungrateful, but I also don't want the people I'm writing about (or fucking Gawker media) to find my fic either.
[anon 2 in reply to anon 1, Jun 26, 2013]
This problem would be solved if AO3 hosted multimedia. Oh wait, lol. If it helps, I think most people who randomly land on the audiofic archive would be too lazy to download something they can't even skim? (Also afaik you can't search for explicit stuff so easily there since they don't put ratings in the metadata)
[anon 3, in reply to anon 2, Jun 26, 2013]
[...] I know you were talking mostly RPS now, but there's a point to correctly tagging things and separating them out on their own, marked as adult in browser-interpretable metadate, imo.
[anon 2, in reply to anon 3, Jun 26, 2013]

The audiofic archive primarily archives the data though, since people don't 'post' their podfic there, they do that on AO3, LJ, etc with all the necessary info. The thing is, I think (I'm not involved with the archive), that the archivists don't want to re-rate the stories, and go over what the authors said by that, and introducing ten different rating systems to accomodate all the ways authors rate wouldn't be a very smart addition to the tags from an archivist POV imo. On the archive you only have 'gen' categories and everything else, but you can browse the former if you want to avoid smut.

If you want to know the summaries of the stories and the ratings you'll have to follow the links to the text source anyway.

Pre-2016 Technical Issues

[@ParakaPodfic on Twitter,[88] Sept 1, 2010]
What? Why is the audiofic archive down?

(In February 2012, a malware attack crippled the site for nearly a month.)

[@felislupin on Twitter,[89] Feb 27, 2012]
With the Audiofic archive hacked, I am forced to listen to the non-pornographic Harry Potter stories. Le sigh.

[@anatsuno on Twitter,[90] Aug 1, 2012]
is it just me or is the search on the Audiofic Archive botched? I can't seem to use it for anything
[@duckgirlie in reply to @anatsuno, Aug 1, 2012]
Yeah, I've had loads of trouble with it lately. Have had to go to "browse by X" and CTRL+F
[@anatsuno in reply to @duckgirlie, Aug 1, 2012]
yeah, me too.
[@duckgirlie in reply to @anatsuno, Aug 1, 2012]
Which, when you're trying to track down a specific podfic by some authors can take FOREVER

[@noir_baby on Twitter,[91] Jan 5, 2013]
Is the audiofic archive down? I can't get in :-(
[@aphelant in reply to @noir_baby, Jan 5, 2013]
huh, this happened like a week ago and was down for a bit but it was temporary and i thought it was the host...
[@noir_baby in reply to @aphelant, Jan 5, 2013]
Yep, just had someone else confirm same, so it's not just on my end *woe face*
[@sadiane on Twitter,[92] Jan 6, 2013]
So, the audiofic archive? Is it refusing to load for anyone else?
[@jinjurly in reply to @sadiane, Jan 6, 2013]
there are intermittent problems on the hosting end. Working on a resolution.

[@jesperanda on Twitter,[93] July 9, 2013]
@jinjurly @aphelant and other Audiofic Archive folk: Anyone else having trouble? Can't connect to upload; downloads are abysmally slow.
[@jinjurly in reply to @jesperanda, July 9, 2013]
I’ll take a look. There’s been rolling data center maintenance lately, my guess is that it’s hitting us today.

[@ParakaPodfic on Twitter,[94] Jan 26, 2014]
Wow, this is what I see when I go to the @audioficarchive

[image of site error codes and red warning box]

[@pattyisnickname on Twitter,[95] Jan 28, 2014]
Well, I was going to try to attempt to archive podfic on the @audioficarchive but it seems to be down again. :(
[@jinxyreads in reply to @pattyisnickname, Jan 28, 2014]
Awww crap. I was just going to try my first one too.

Reactions to 2016 File Loss

Early Reactions (Pre-Reveal of Loss)

[@luthien_seregon on Twitter,[96] April 28, 2016]
The audiofic archive is down for maintenance! Come back soon! My craving for podfics needs fulfilling! #podficlove

[@sabasnn on Twitter,[97] April 29, 2016]
@audioficarchive please be back soon I'm in desperate need :-)

[@tsarchgabriel on Twitter,[98] May 1, 2016]
sort of dying without jinjurly's audiofic archive :(
[@sabasnn in reply to @tsarchgabriel, May 3, 2016]
same :/

Reactions to Initial Reveal of File Loss

[@serafinab_90 on Twitter,[99] May 3, 2016]
1st began to panic when I saw juice817 posting old podfic on A03. I will legit cry big salty tears if the audiofic archive is gone. 😢💔😢
[@tinyalmondreads in reply to @serafinab_90, May 4, 2016]
I'm really scared!
[@serafinab_90 in reply to @tinyalmondreads, May 4, 2016]
I know! This is horrible. Resigning myself to the crapshoot of contacting podficcers for alternative dl links.

[@tenoko1 on Twitter,[100] May 4, 2016]
@audioficarchive Hey, so is the website still under maintenance or is there a more serious issue?
[@tenoko1 on Twitter,[101] May 14, 2016]
@audioficarchive @jinjurly Is the #podfic archived down for good?
[@jinjurly in reply @tenoko1, May 14, 2016]
nope! opening again in a bit!

[anon on fail-fandomanon,[102] May 27, 2016]

I know wouldn't be half so irritated with the Temp take down of the Audiofic Archive if my external hard drive didn't crap out on me (twice), but seriously when is it going to be back up???

And did it have to get shut down on the tail end of the amplification?


[@rabbittopia on Twitter,[103] June 5, 2016]
one day, one day soon, the audiofic archive will be back up again. crosses everything.

Archive Returns; Podfic Doesn't

[@happydapy on Twitter,[104] June 15, 2016]
I am excited for when the audiofic archive is up again. I am grateful that they are willing to put in the work to get it working again.

[@Hananobira on Twitter,[105] June 29, 2016]
Podficcers: the Audiofic Archive is back up again, but a lot of files are getting 404s. Maybe check and see if any of yours are missing?
[@Hananobira on Twitter,[106] June 30, 2016]
Audiofic Archive archivists, it looks like 90% of my stuff is 404ing. Would it be easier for someone to train me how to fix it all myself?

[@ParakaPodfic on Twitter,[41] July 1, 2016]
Is there a list of what's missing on the @audioficarchive? Bc I have a lot of podfic & could probably help a lot if I knew what was missing?
[@aphelant in reply to @ParakaPodfic, July 1, 2016]
i was thinking they should organize a google doc so people can list what of theirs is missing and others can link uploads
[@aphelant in reply to @ParkaPodfic, July 1, 2016]
but on the other hand all of my own links i clicked were 404s and that is a lot of work. I'm waiting, i think.
[@aphelant in reply to @ParakaPodfic]],[107] July 1, 2016]
it sounds like stuff is still being restored but. idk.
[@ParakaPodfic in reply to @aphelant, July 1, 2016]
Yeah, I was just thinking I have a long weekend and if I got shell access to the @audioficarchive I could do direct transfers>
[@ParakaPodfic in reply to @aphelant, July 1, 2016]
>of the many, many files I have hosted with me, which would probably make a pretty good dent.
[@ParakaPodfic in reply to @aphelant, July 1, 2016]
Like, I don't think anyone wants to have to download then upload all of @reenajenkins's podfics, for example. :P
[@ParakaPodfic in reply to @aphelant, July 1, 2016]
I bet I could make scripts for each user (that hosts w/ me) and have all their missing stuff transferred if I had the right info.
[@aphelant in reply to @ParakaPodfic, July 1, 2016]
I'm sure you could!

(See Site Return and Paraka Conflict for more detail.)

Loss of Faith in Audiofic Archive

[pennyplainknits in Amplificathon,[108] Dec 8, 2016]
I have to say this whole thing has really put me off ever making podfic again-- just the thought of all that is lost is so demoralising

[anon 1 on fail-fandomanon,[109] July 27, 2017]
Is the Audiofic archive permanently defunct?
[anon 2, in reply to anon 1, July 27, 2017]
I don't think defunct is the right word for it (yet) but it seems like it's heading that way, unfortunately :(
[anon 3, in reply to anon 1, July 27, 2017]
Officially it's "being worked on" but at this point I'm pretty sure it's dead. I wasn't around for all the drama myself but it doesn't look like jinjurly is actively working on getting the archive back or letting someone else take the reins. It's frustrating because it was my primary source of podfics. Now I mostly look at AO3 but I don't know where else people are posting.
[anon 4, in reply to anon 1, July 28, 2017]
no idea. you can still download some of the files, just no one's been able to upload anything since February

[anon 1 on fail-fandomanon,[110] Sept 27, 2017]
When will the Audiofic Archive start updating again? It's been more than a year! I liked having all fannish podfic organized in one place. :(
[anon 2, in reply to anon 1, Sept 27, 2017]
Im pretty sure thmuch answer is probably never

[anon on fail-fandomanon,[111] Nov 27, 2017]
Real talk, because for all their talk, the AO3 was meant to house only fic. Otherwise the collaspe of Audiofic archive and Photobucket wouldn't have hit so many fans so hard.

I actually think I got a comment from kitsune asking about my files--and as I was saying before, I get really depressed every time I get a comment that says 'your file is broken, where is it?'--and so I think I was polite, and I just said 'look, I don't trust the Audiofic Archive anymore with my stuff, y'know, I'd rather not.' [...] Where I'm at at the moment is I don't want any more of my stuff going on the Archive. I don't trust it. It's got nothing to do with the archivists, it's got nothing to do with kitsune, like, you and her and all of the rest of the archivists are doing the best you can with what you have but for me? Sylv[Note 7] has been on my side since the start of this, like, she's the person I whinge to about, y'know, all my losses and everything, and she has actually bought herself a lifetime FileFactory account, and she sent me a spreadsheet with all the files she's put in there [...] she has uploaded pages and pages of my stuff that she had, it was really overwhelming. That stuff is safe now, she's looking after it.

-Dodificus on Auralphonic Episode 025: Topicless, December 2017[11]

[@iamvassalady on Twitter,[112] Feb 12, 2018]
wait idk if i can dl [this fic], it might be audiofic archive only, WHELP, LET'S ROLL THE DICE.

[@Rhea314 on Twitter,[113] Jan 3, 2019]
It appears that the podfic of Freedom was one of the many podfics lost in the audiofic archive crash which is a travesty! If you want to experience this fic in audiobook style feel free to DM me and I can share a copy once I get home & upload.

Backups and Speculation

[merlinpodfic on Tumblr,[114] May 3, 2018]
Dear followers,

As you might have noticed, many links for the audiofic archive are broken, - either completely, or temporarily - every now and then.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’ll change anytime soon.

[...] We highly recommend bulk downloading anything that might interest or even seem like it might interest you in the future.

If the archive disappears (again), there is a 99% chance @momotastic27 will be able to help you out with files for any of the podfics she’s recommended on this blog (which is in all likelihood all of the archive podfics you’ll find here anyway).

[kitsuneheart posted in amplificathon,[115] Feb 24, 2017]
I don't fully understand what happened with Jinjurly's site, but it looks like there were not enough backups. One got corrupted in the website transfer, and another...I dunno. We were told back in July that the main backup was in hand and the archive would be back to normal over the weekend, but that never happened. Did Jinjurly lie about that backup's existence? Was it also bad? Did it get lost? Did she (and I am being serious here) die on us? I've been keeping a backup of all the current Jinjurly files on my laptop and that external drive, just in case this were all to happen again, but, at this point...I don't think that another corrupt file system is what's going to kill the archive.

There's been no communication with archive higher-ups since July. And, when I said I was being serious about Jinjurly maybe passing, I was being 100% serious. For all intents and purposes, she's...gone. No longer with us. I hope that she's just moved on in her interests, is too busy with life, but we just don't know.

The domain expires in September. If nothing has changed by mid-August, I'll bring this up with other main archive people (Paraka most definitely) on how to proceed. I think someone in the podfic community needs to buy it up, but what to do with it, how to proceed...I dunno. A redirect? A clone of the original site? A whole new home for podficcers? I just don't know. [...]

I adore Paraka so much for what she has done in hosting podfics. She has accomplished far, FAR more than I did on the archive recovery, and she's still trying. But, if you are a creator or a lover of a work, keep your own backups. Don't upload to Paraka and then delete from your own computer. Keep your creations close. Hope that you never had to use those backups again, but be prepared to, if the time comes.
[Paraka, in reply to kitsuneheart, Feb 25, 2017]
jinjurly's still around, she's active on twitter and is a co-chair of WisCon 41, I think it's probably that her interests have moved on from the archive and she's been throwing all her energy into other projects and hasn't had any left to deal with the archive and, unfortunately, she doesn't seem willing to pass the reigns off to anyone who *is* interested is running it properly, because many people, myself included, have offered to help.

I highly doubt she'll let the domain name lapse (though it's of course a good idea to keep an eye on those things and plan for just-in-case), if only because the archive is not the only thing on the domain, she also has her personal website on there.

That said, a few years ago, growing frustrated with the outdated design of the AA I started poking around for software options that might be suitable for a better sort of podfic archive and I hope to start working on putting that research into action soon (I planned on doing this last year actually, but then my health took a serious nose dive and it's been limiting what I can do, and I'll admit, the project is such a big one I'm kind of intimidated by it) but hopefully we will eventually have an alternative podfic archive, and I'm working on ways of setting it up, probably as a not-for-profit so it's not a single owner with a single point of fail like we have with the AA. That way if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, the site could still go on.
[metal_dogs5, in reply to kitsuneheart, Feb 25, 2017]
I did a little digging and found what I believe to be her personal twitter account, which is still active. It's a shame if she has moved on without mentioning it to anyone. The people still running the show behind the scenes deserve better. Given the choice between finding audiofic on AA or AO3, I prefer AA every time. Do you know if any of the main archive people have access to any donated money to pay for the domain & hosting, assuming donations are still coming in?
[Paraka in reply to metal_dogs5, Feb 25, 2017]
I'm pretty sure jinjurly is the only one with access to the billing options (if anyone else had access, they could also talk to support about our space issue), which would be needed to renew things, but I wouldn't really worry about donated money, as far as I know there was never very much donated. There were always a people willing to donate if there was a need, but jinjurly was pretty honest about there being no great need for it. I really don't think we're dealing with any sort of misappropriation of funds here. As much as I wish jinjurly were handling this differently, I still feel I know and trust her enough to know she wouldn't swindle fandom (she's only ever given to fandom over and over and over again). I'm 99.9% sure she has invested way more money into running the archive than she ever got through donations (though she's never shared actual financials with me).
[analise010, in reply to kitsuneheart, Mar 2, 2017]
Real talk? I think that these comments are out of line. I spoke with Jinjurly recently and she still loves podfic fandom and plans to return. She's simply been ill. The current situation is by no means ideal, but that doesn't mean you can throw wild accusations with nothing to back them up.

Imagine, for a moment, that you had years' worth of other people's files - and yours - go missing on you. Then you had hundreds of people asking you for updates, while you were in no state to handle them. You might need to step away from the situation to HEAL YOURSELF before addressing anyone else.

If the point of this post was "back up your files," then fine. But don't talk trash on someone else just because you may not understand the thought behind their actions. Issue

[momo posting in Amplificathon,[116] Feb 4, 2018]
So, the archive is entirely gone for the moment. Does anyone know anything about it, by any chance?
[brickglass in reply to Momo, Feb 4, 2018]
When I had a look, redirects to, which seems to be some kind of hosting thingimy for fandom stuff. If you go to however you can still get to the archive as normal. I'm guessing that the hosting is being moved? Don't quote me on that though :/
[Paraka in reply to Momo, Feb 4, 2018]
I know there were plans to mirror the AA o squished servers, the ppl behind that site stepped forward this summer to help with the archive. With the introduction of the space issues with the hosting jinjurly had, maybe they've decided to move everything to squished so it can be a bit more functional? I don't have any details about what's going on now, Just some info from the summer/fall but this could be a good thing.

[anon 1 on fail-fandomanon,[117] Oct 16, 2018]
Is the Audiofic Archive down/gone for good? I know that the mod ghosted after a crash, and some volunteers have been reuloading everything, but when I tried to go to it today it re-routes to
[anon 2 in reply to anon 1, Oct 27, 2018]
Try leaving off the "www"? is working for me at the moment.

[@ParakaPodfic on Twitter,[118] Sept 7, 2018]
I bet the redirection of the AA you were seeing was bc another website (squidge) was supposed to take over hosting the archive, but I don't think they ever did it properly?
[@regonym, in reply to @ParakaPodfic, Sept 7, 2018]
ohh were they? That woulda been nice
[@regonym, in reply to @ParakaPodfic, Sept 7, 2018]
my understanding of it all is that there was an issue with a backups failure several years back and a lot of work was lost? The archive never rly seemed to recover from that pt - correct me if I'm getting this wrong, paraka
[@ParakaPodfic, in reply to @regonym, Sept 7, 2018]
heh, yeah. The owner tried to upgrade servers and the transfer process got fubared and took the whole thing down. They eventually bought the front end back up, but 95% of files were missing and it turned out the backups hadn't been working properly for years.
[@regonym, in reply to @ParakaPodfic, Sept 7, 2018]
oh shiiiiiit
[@ParakaPodfic, in reply to @regonym, Sept 7, 2018]
lol, you're lucky you missed me being super dramatic about it in real time on twitter. It was... something. >.>
[@ParakaPodfic, in reply to @regonym, Sept 7, 2018]
I was leading the crowd sourcing effort so was roped in with squidge was trying to get ahold of the owner to see if they could help by taking over hosting/mirroring the site. At some point the AA started redirecting to squidge, but it doesn't work properly.
[@ParakaPodfic, in reply to @regonym, Sept 7, 2018]
There was an effort to crowd source the missing files, but we ran out of free space on the server and the owner never responded to requests to speak to the hosting company about expanding the space back to its former size, which left us with our hands tied.

Jinjurly's Most Recent Response

[@ribbonknight on Twitter,[119] April 18, 2018]
New fandom friends takling about how iconic the audiofic archive is, nbd @jinjurly
[@jinjurly in reply to @ribbonknight, April 18, 2018]
…guess i should repair it >.>

Further reading

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