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Journal Community
Name: Amplificathon
Date(s): 2008-
Moderator: 34 mods as of 2019
Founder: general_jinjur
Type: challenge
Fandom: podfic
URL: livejournal; dreamwidth

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Amplificathon is a LiveJournal and Dreamwidth community for posting podfic. The community has hosted three podfic challenges: amplificathon, podbang and amplirecathon.


amplificathon livejournal posting frequency 2008-2017

The community was created on LiveJournal in 2008 to host the annual points-based Amplificathon challenge. After the first challenge was over, users kept posting their podfic to the comm, and it eventually became a major hub for podfic fandom before the decline of journal fandom.

The LiveJournal community was created on 27 February 2008. As of April 2017, it has 7,932 posts; 38,849 comments; and 1,152 members.[1] The Dreamwidth community was created on 16 May 2009. As of November 2017, it has 10,810 posts; 43,608 comments; and 627 members.[2] The LiveJournal community was imported to Dreamwidth in 2012.[3]

Amplificathon and the Audiofic Archive

The community was started by and is run by the mods who run the Audiofic Archive.

As stated in the community profile, posting podfic to Amplificathon gives the Audiofic Archive archivists permission to archive it;[4] podficcers who want permanent hosting for their files often cross-post to Amplificathon just to take advantage of this service.

For each new post, either the podficcer or a mod would add standard community tags, including the podficcer's name, the fandom, and "!not archived". Designated archivists were assigned to check the "!not archived" tag and do the work of uploading the file via ftp and creating an entry page on the archive's front end. An archivist would then comment on the post with the new URL to the entry page and swap out the "!not archived" tag with the "archived" tag. Many podficcers would then amend their posts to add the archive link as an alternate download source.

As of 2019, 9016 posts on the dreamwidth comm are tagged with archived, and 162 posts are tagged with !not archived. However, tagging became lax after the archive's upload function stopped working.

In the history of the Amplificathon community, one person was granted an exception to the rule that posting to the comm implied permission to upload.[5][6] After the archive went down and it became a moot point, a second person started flagging their posts as not to be archived.[7] As of February 2010, the dreamwidth profile had indicated that users could opt out--"posting to this community implies permission to archive at audiofic. if you are not giving that permission, please note that in your post! <3"[8]--but by April 2010 the stated rule was "all podfic posted to this community will be added to the audiofic archive."[9] It is not clear that anyone ever opted out before the rule change.


Volunteer archivists for the Audiofic Archive are given administrator privileges for the amplificathon comms on dreamwidth and livejournal, though it is not clear that privileges are removed promptly when the volunteers retire. As of 2019, there are 34 on dreamwidth:

aethel, akamine_chan, blueshutters, dapatty, eve_n_furter, fire_juggler, fleurrochard, forzandopod, general_jinjur, hardboiledbaby, intheinterim, intransitive, jesperanda, kalakirya, kitsuneheart, knight_tracer, lesson_in_love, marianas, merryceleste, michellel23, miss_marina95, mistressjinx,, ociany, off_the_map, podmod, resonance_and_d, rscreighton, saffronbunbaker, shinetheway, tinyalmond, writerdragonfly, yue_ix, zigzaglurkswag


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