Amplificathon (challenge)

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Name: Amplificathon
Date(s): 2008-2016
Founder: general_jinjur
Type: Podfic
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community: Amplificathon (community)
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Amplificathon is an annual multifandom points-based podfic challenge, aiming to increase the diversity of available podfic. All entries are archived at the Audiofic podfic archive.

A LiveJournal community, also called Amplificathon, was created to host the challenge. The community has since become a general podfic community, active even when the challenge isn't running.

As a result of the Audiofic Archive's ongoing technical difficulties, no challenge was held in 2017.[1]

Popular Fandoms

The purpose of Amplificathon was to encourage fans to make podfics for fandoms and pairings that didn't already have a lot of podfic on the Audiofic Archive. Thus, podficcers would get more points for submitting podfics that weren't on the list of "popular" fandoms. How the popular fandoms are determined has been adjusted several times since the first year of the challenge, and in the meantime several new fandoms have started and become popular.

For the first four years, the three fandoms with the most podfics in the archive were identified as the "giant" fandoms.[2] From 2008 to 2010, these were due South, Stargate Atlantis, and Supernatural. In 2011 and 2012, due South was replaced with Merlin. In 2013, the number of "giant" fandoms was expanded to five: Supernatural & Supernatural RPF, Stargate Atlantis, Harry Potter, Merlin, and My Chemical Romance.[3] In 2014, giant fandoms were defined as fandoms with over 500 podfics on the archive: avengers movie, harry potter, merlin, my chemical romance, sherlock, spn & spn rpf, stargate atlantis, teen wolf.[4] In 2015, giant fandoms were defined as fandoms with 250 podfics on the archive: supernatural, stargate atlantis, supernatural rpf, harry potter, teen wolf, merlin, sherlock, the avengers (movie), my chemical romance, due south, doctor who, American idol, hockey players, and panic at the disco.[5] In 2016 the giant fandoms were, in order: supernatural, stargate atlantis, sherlock (bbc), teen wolf, harry potter, supernatural rpf, the avengers (movie), merlin, my chemical romance, due south, doctor who, men's hockey rpf, American idol, and panic at the disco.[6] Note that the archive had an ongoing project to merge mp3 and podbook entries for the same podfic, so entry totals in some fandoms have decreased although the true number of podfics has increased.


posting rates at the LiveJournal community

The first Amplificathon was held in 2008, and ran for eight weeks, from April 7 to June 2. It was moderated by general_jinjur, Raz0r.girl and anatsuno. A total of 42 readers participated.[7]

Unlike most ficathons, Amplificathon was set up as a competition, with extra points awarded for recording podfics from fandoms, or for pairings, not previously represented in the Audiofic Archive. Participants would post as many new podfics as possible during the challenge. Each podfic would receive 5 points, plus extra points for new podficcers, plus fandom and pairing points according to whether or not they were "well-archived," "less-represented," or "unrepresented" (for calculating points, gen was counted as a pairing). The competition format proved to be a resounding success, with six hundred new podfics added to the archive, as well as adding a hundred and five previously unrepresented fandoms and an uncountable number of new pairings.[8] The most points had been earned by twasadark, followed by leviticus lied and jadesfire2808.

Prize banners and podfics for the winners were provided by volunteer podficcers and fan artists. Other special prizes were awarded for remarkable achievements during Amplificathon, such as First Brave Poster, Most New Fandoms Introduced, Largest Single Podfic and Most Minutes Recorded.


In its second year, the challenge ran from March 30 to June 1, 2009. 34 readers participated. First place went to sly hostetter (820 points), followed by rhea314 (741 points) and luzula (362 points).[9]

New developments included the posting of podfic in languages other than English, which was specifically encouraged by general jinjur. Points were also awarded based on podfic length.


Amplificathon 2010 ran from March 30 to June 7. The June 1 winners were 2naonh3 cl2, luzula, and lunchy munchy. The June 7 winners were twilight angel, lunchy_munchy, and 2naonh3_cl2.[10] There were 75 participants.[11]

A rule to award points for recording in languages other than English was added.


The 2011 round ran from April 4 to June 20. The winner was reena jenkins, with runners up diane mckay and via ostiense.[12] There were 81 participants.[13]


The 2012 round ran from March 15 to April 30, and was moderated by Aphelant, Were duck and Cybel.[14] For the first time, the challenge ran only from the Dreamwidth community.[15] The winner was tinypinkmouse, with runners up reena jenkins and rhea314. Participation was down on 2010-11, with a total of 57 readers.[16]


The 2013 round ran from March 15 to April 30, and was moderated by Aphelant, were duck, and general jinjur.[17] The top points winner was reena jenkins, with runners up kalakirya and exmanhater. There were a total of 55 readers.[18]


The 2014 round ran from March 15 to April 30. The top points winner was reena jenkins, with runners up fresne and litra. There were a total of 59 participants.[19]


The 2015 round ran from March 15 to April 30 and was moderated by brand-new mods, kalakirya and jesperanda. The winners were tinypinkmouse (first place), rscreighton (second place), and reena_jenkins (third place). 46 participants posted 570 podfics, and 48 new fandoms were added to the archive.[20]

The sixth episode of Auralphonic discussed the rule changes and workload associated with the challenge. For 2015, the threshold for "represented" fandoms on the archive was changed from one podfic to 20 to fix the problem of many fandoms with only one podfic; a fan would make one podfic in one round just to get the extra points, but then nobody would ever record for that fandom again because it was "represented" on the archive.[21]

Points for being a new podficcer were removed for the 2015 round.


In 2016, the challenge rules remained the same. The mods were kalakirya, idella, and rscreighton.[1] The challenge ran from March 15 to April 30 and 50 podficcers participated.[2] After an intense competition, blackglass won with a grand total of 9153 points, kess came in second with 8510 points, and tinypinkmouse came in third with 5740 points.[3]


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