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Name: Kess
Alias(es): KessKay, Kess_Kay, Kess-Kay
Type: podficcer
Fandoms: Dishonored, Dragon Age 2, Daiya no Ace, Valdemar Series
Other: User:KessKay on Fanlore
URL: Kess on AO3
Kess on Twitter
Kess on Dreamwidth
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Kess is an Australian podficcer who has been recording since 2015. They have been active in many fandoms, with an emphasis on video game and book fandoms. They like small fandoms best.


DAWs: Audacity, ableton live, briefly Hindenburg audio editor and Adobe audition

Microphones: Blue snowball, Rode ai-1 interface and nt1 microphone, tascam drx04