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Name: Daiya no Ace (ダイヤのA)
Ace of Diamond
Abbreviation(s): Daiya, DnA, Daiya no Ace, Ace of the Diamond, Diamond no Ace
Creator: Yuji Terajima
Medium: manga (2006-2015, followed by Act 2 2015-present), anime (2013-2016, 2019-2020)
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Fanwiki, ENG
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Daiya no Ace (Diamond no Ace), released in English as Ace of Diamond, is a shonen manga series by Yuji Terajima about baseball. So far, it has been adapted into two anime series (Ace of the Diamond and Ace of the Diamond act II).

Western fans refer to the series as Daiya no Ace and Daiya most often, while the fanwiki calls it Diamond no Ace and AO3's tag for the fandom is Daiya no A. The official English title for the anime is Ace of the Diamond, while the official English title for the manga is Ace of Diamond. All of these terms refer to the same series.

Daiya is a baseball series, following the protagonist Sawamura Eijun on his journey to become an ace pitcher as well as Seidou High School's attempt to win nationals. Sawamura is a cocky pitcher from the countryside who is scouted in middle school by the team's assistant coach for his unusual left-handed pitching style. The story focuses on Sawamura's growth and development as well as his teammates and rivals. Act II follows Sawamura's second year of high school and introduces new first-year students to the team.


The fandom usually exists in tandem with other sports anime, as many fans don't discover the series until becoming part of the greater sports anime fandom. There is a significant amount of crossover fanworks with other sports anime, especially Haikyuu as Sawamura Daichi and Sawamura Eijun have the same surname (although written with different characters). The fandom exists primarily on tumblr, twitter and Archive of Our Own, as well as fandom-specific Discord servers.


The most popular pairing in this fandom by far is Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun (the pitcher-catcher battery), making up a full 40% of all fanfics in the Daiya no A tag on AO3. All other ships are considered rarepairs, but they have their dedicated, if smaller fanbases. Like other sports anime fandoms, Daiya fandom organizes fanweek, big bang, and exchange events as well as collaborative fanzines to generate more content.


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