Sawamura Daichi

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Name: Sawamura Daichi
Occupation: Karasuno High student and volleyball player
Fandom: Haikyuu
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Sawamura Daichi is a character from Haikyuu. He is the captain of the Karasuno high school volleyball team.


Daichi is a third year student at the beginning of the series and the captain of the Karasuno volleyball team. He is the first character to predict the effect Kageyama Tobio setting for Hinata Shoyo would have, although he underestimated the speed and intensity of their quick attack. He is close with fellow third-years Sugawara Koushi and Azumane Asahi. He becomes strict with his team if they act rowdy, locking Kageyama and Hinata out of the gym after they knock the vice-principal's toupee off his head. His team usually refers to him as Daichi-san, while Kuroo Tetsurou from Nekoma High School calls him "Sa'amura."


Fans often portrait Daichi and Sugawara as the "Team Dad" and "Team Mom" in fanworks centered around the Karasuno team characters. Daichi in particular is heavily associated with "dad" things such as not being good with technology, listening to "dad music", and behaving in a parental role to the younger Karasuno students. People also occasionally nickname him "Dadchi" because of this.