Sugawara Koushi

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Name: Sugawara Koushi
Occupation: Karasuno High student and volleyball player
Fandom: Haikyuu
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Sugawara Koushi, commonly called Suga, is a character from Haikyuu.


Suga is the primary setter for Karasuno at the beginning of the series, and the vice-captain of the team. However, he finds that his starting position is soon eclipsed by Kageyama Tobio, leading him to have to redefine his role on the team and his priorities. As the vice-captain, he is shown to be very good friends with Sawamura Daichi, with the two of them working together to keep the younger players in line and help them hone their skills.


Suga has been widely interpreted by the fans to be the "Team Mom" of Karasuno, because of his caring nature and the way he looks out for the other team members. As such, his role in fanfic is often to be the one whom characters come to with their problems, or the person who figures out that characters have feelings for each other. Some fans strongly disagree with ascribing Team Mom characteristics to Suga on the grounds that being caring and observant doesn't make a male character a "mom", and is pushing heteronormative gender roles on Suga and Daichi as the Team Mom and Dad.

can we stop limiting (Suga')s personality to just being a “mom” of the team cause this is literally erasing his personality.. also pushing heteronormativity hes such a great character but yall just ignore it and proceed to calling him a mom
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