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Name: Asahi Azumane (東峰 旭, Azumane Asahi)
Occupation: Karasuno High student and volleyball player
Fandom: Haikyuu
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Azumane Asahi is a character from Haikyuu.


Asahi is introduced in episode 7 of the anime, after having been away from the team for some time. Although he is the Ace of Karasuno, he has lost confidence in his abilities after a defeat by the Datekou team, and doesn't intend to return to volleyball before being convinced by Hinata and Daichi.

Because of his timid nature and older appearance, he is sometimes called "Asahi-san" by his teammates. A common joke among the characters is that Asahi, while being the ace due to his strength and athletic skill, doesn't look or act like an ace is supposed to.


The contrast of Asahi's large, muscular physical appearance and his timid personality, as well as him being described as "glass-hearted" in the manga, has caused many fans to be very protective of the character.

Although nothing is specifically mentioned in the canon, many fans have characterized Asahi's constant worry and fear of failure as indicative of an anxiety disorder. This trope is fairly common in fanworks, either those focusing on his mental health, or mentioned in passing.


  • Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu or Asanoya is the most common slash pairing.
  • For Gen fic, Asahi is often present in works focusing on the third-years of Karasuno - Suga, Daichi, and occasionally Kiyoko. Since they've been friends since the start of high school, their relationship is often seen as very strong and long-lasting.