Hinata Shouyou

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Name: Hinata Shouyou
Occupation: Karasuno High student and volleyball player
Relationships: Natsu Hinata (younger sister)
Fandom: Haikyuu
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Hinata Shouyou is the protagonist of the manga and anime Haikyuu.


Hinata Shouyou is the protagonist of Haikyuu!! At the start of the story, he's a middle school student who is inspired to start playing volleyball after seeing the Little Giant play for Karasuno High School at nationals on TV. Though Hinata is shorter than average for volleyball players, he compensates for his height by jumping unusually high. Haikyuu!! follows Hinata's journey to become a great volleyball player. He has a younger sister named Natsu who he is shown to be on good terms with.


  • Hinata's name means "Sunny place," so this and his bright orange hair lead to him often being associated with sun and light symbolism in fanworks.
  • Hinata's orange hair also leads to him being associated with oranges and fruit.
  • He is often depicted as being close friends with the other Karasuno first years.
  • While not being the best at school, Hinata is often depicted as more emotionally intelligent than other characters, especially Kageyama.


Hinata is often considered the Fandom Bicycle due to being a bright and charismatic protagonist who makes friends and connections easily.