Kageyama Tobio

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Name: Kageyama Tobio
Occupation: Karasuno High student and volleyball player
Fandom: Haikyuu
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Kageyama Tobio is the deuteragonist of the manga and anime Haikyuu.


Kageyama first encounters protagonist Hinata Shouyou at a middle school volleyball tournament, where Kageyama's team defeats Hinata in the first round. Hinata makes it his goal to defeat Kageyama, only for them to end up on the same team in high school. The two of them develop a powerful and unusally fast attack and learn to work together as teammates while at the same time vowing to surpass each other. In canon, Kageyama is blunt, short-tempered, and a poor student, but at the same time very sensitive and extremely passionate about volleyball. He has a hard time getting along with his teammates in middle school, and works to improve his teamwork. However, his volleyball skills are second to none.


  • Kageyama is often headcanoned as neurodivergent in some way due to his misreading of social cues and all-consuming interest in volleyball.
  • Blueberry imagery is common in fanfiction and fanart, due to his dark blue hair and eyes.
  • Royalty imagery is also popular, due to his canonical nickname of "the King of the Court."
  • In AUs where Kageyama is not a volleyball player, he is often a prodigy or genius who has been interested in his chosen profession from a young age.