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Name: Paraka
Alias(es): cifdopakarap, plamtsm
Type: podficcer, vidder, mod, archivist
Fandoms: Avengers, Bandom, American Idol, Stargate Atlantis, Queer As Folk (US), etc.
Communities: Paraka Productions, pod_together, pod_aware, multipodicity, podfic_bingo, Amplificathon
URL: dreamwidth account
AO3 account
twitter account
podfics @ audiofic archive
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Paraka is a prolific and well-known podficcer, as well as a vidder and challenge moderator. Challenges and events she has run or co-run include Pod Aware, Multipodicity, Podfic Bingo, and Pod Together.

She is also one of the volunteers at the Audiofic Archive (profile) and hosts other podficcers on her website, Paraka Productions.

Paraka has been in fandom since 2003[1] and creating podfics since 2008.[2]

She describes her fannish history in her dreamwidth profile:

I have, at times been a podficer, vidder, community mod and, on very rare occasions, fic writer. Mostly these days I obsess over podfic. ...

I'm mostly mono-fanish although I will occasionally branch out into more than one fandom at a time. Queer as Folk was my first online fandom and I was in there for about 2 years. I drabbled for a couple months in the Harry Potter (Snarry) fandom, but then discovered Stargate Atlantis where I spent the next 3 years. Now I'm happily obsessing over Adam Lambert and Kris Allen in American Idol Season 8 fandom. :D

I've also dabbled in American Idol S7, Lost Girl, Merlin, Supernatural, J2, Numb3rs, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (♥), Reaper, Torchwood and Doctor Who.[3]

Notable Works

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