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Name: mutipodicity
Date(s): July–October, 2010-2012
Founder: paraka
Type: Podfic Repod Challenge
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community: multipodicity on LJ (archived), multipodicity on Dreamwidth
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Multipodicity's manifesto: "There can be more than one". Icon by mific

Multipodicity is an annual podfic challenge founded by paraka in 2010. It encourages podficcers to repod, that is, to create new podfics of stories for which podfic already exists. Participants sign up to offer their previous podfics for repodding and/or to create a new version.

The challenge was originally called podremix because its setup was inspired by and modeled after remix challenges. However, several fans pointed out the differences between repodding and remixing, and community members voted to rename it multipodicity in September 2010.[1] The community is mirrored on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal and the podfics produced for the challenge are archived at the Audiofic Archive.


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