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Event: Pod Aware
Participants: paraka (organizer), weimar27 (community moderator)
Date(s): November 7-13, 2011; November 12-18, 2012; November 10-14, 2014
Type: podfic appreciation festival
Fandom: podfic fandom
URL: on livejournal, Archived version
on dreamwidth
on tumblr
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Pod Aware is a week-long event first organized in 2011 by paraka to celebrate podfic as an art form and spread awareness about some of the meta issues in the fandom. The second Pod Aware was November 12-18, 2012. The third Pod Aware was held November 10-14, 2014.

Each day during the event a post on the main LiveJournal and Dreamwidth communities announces the theme of the day and provides a streaming podcast on the day's theme. Pod Aware participants create something or post something--anything--to their own journals and include the day's theme somewhere in their post. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to sign up.