Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Name: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Abbreviation(s): T:SCC, TSCC, SCC
Creator: Josh Friedman
Date(s): 13 January 2008 – 10 April 2009
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: USA
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Show Synopsis

Sarah Connor is "the mother of the future."[1] After a roll in the hay with a doomed soldier who time-traveled into the past to rescue her, Sarah raises her now-teenaged son John with all the skills he will need to fight the intelligent, genocidal Skynet computers who will -- or already have -- set off a nuclear holocaust that reduces the human species to endangered prey.

Also sent from the future are Cameron, a reclaimed terminator robot programmed to protect John (rather than kill him), and John's (unknowing) uncle, Derek Reese. These four form an uneasy "family" unit.

Investigating all things robot is an FBI agent, James Ellison, who due to his witnessing of terminator hijinks is now a believer (and out of the FBI). James Ellison is awesomesauce, and also wears natty suits. Although he has been on Sarah Connor's trail off and on for more than a decade, as of the first season he had only ever met her once (while he was drugged and tied up; she dragged him out of a burning building and disappeared before he could become sober). He has only recently met the other three members of Sarah's unit.

In the second season, the crew forms an uneasy alliance with sometimes-antagonist Terminators Catherine Weaver and John Henry, while Derek encounters future-visitor from his past Jesse and young John is lured away from his dependence on Cameron by human romantic interest Riley.

The show passes the Bechdel Test in not only including several female characters with agency, but having them regularly talk to each other about something other (in an immediate sense, given that the show's premise revolves around the need to save the world by saving one particular male) than a guy.


As of second season, TSCC has tried to keep its canon from contradicting the movie canon, but any canon that includes time travel is inherently confusing and ambiguous and TSCC is no exception. The crack_van overview for TSCC does a wonderful job summarizing the largest time-travel/paradox possibilities.[1]

The T:SCC fandom is small but active, and there are a lot of excellent fic writers working through the series with gusto. While most of the fandom appears to be gen, there are quite a few popular pairings as well. The most common ones are:

  • Kyle/Sarah
  • Charley/Sarah
  • Derek/Sarah
  • Sarah/Cameron
  • Derek/Jesse
  • Derek/Cameron
  • John/Riley
  • John/Cameron[2]
  • Jesse/Riley

Additionally, there are Reesecest and Connorcest fics (see incest) floating around the internet as well.

LJ Communities

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Fanfic Archives

Notable/Sample Fanworks


  • Seven Sunday Mother-Daughter Mornings by David Hines Futurefic, study of the relationship between Savannah Weaver and the Terminator impersonating her mother Catherine Weaver.
  • White Rabbit by irony rocks The name Connor is destined to be prominent in the history of humanity. For Sarah to succeed, she needs to become a legend, a myth, an unparalleled icon. She needs to become what John Connor should have been. The savior of mankind. Words: 5400 Pairing: Derek/Sarah. Starts off where the show ends.
  • Cinderella, Made of Steel by David Hines Character study story of Cameron and her interactions with the humans she lives with. A DVD Commentary by the author is available for this story [3].
  • Future Shock by Nobody_TOK715. TSCC Seasons 3 alternative.


Notable/Sample Meta

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  1. ^ Ironically, one episode mentions John and Sarah's blood groups; respectively AB and O. While this was undoubtedly a scriptwriter's error, if taken literally John cannot be Sarah's son.
  2. ^ The Future Savior of Mankind and the Baby Robot Girl essay at Ship Manifesto, 16 July 2009 (Accessed 18 April 2011)