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Name: John Connor
Relationships: Sarah Connor (Mother), Kyle Reese (Father), Kate Brewster (Wife), Derek Reese (Uncle - TSCC)
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Terminator
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John Connor is a main character in the Terminator films. He will be the eventual leader of the Resistance against Skynet in the future




  • John Connor/Cameron is the het pairing of John and the terminator Cameron, from the TSCC fandom. Works pairing John and the human Allison Young, on which Cameron was modelled also appear.
  • Kate Brewster/John Connor is the het pairing of John and his movieverse wife Kate Brewster. This pairing also appear in works set in the TV universe, often in future fics.
  • John Connor/Marcus Wright pairs John with the human/terminator hybrid Marcus Wright, from the Terminator Salvation film.
  • Many gen works focus on the relationship John has with his mother Sarah Connor, or his relationship with his father Kyle Reese.
  • Connorcest works pair John with his father Kyle, or his uncle Derek.

Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Future fics: In TSCC, much is known about the future John Connor, from the movieverse and other characters, but the older John has never appeared on screen. Future fics can involve John meeting his father Kyle for the first time, General John Connor's actions during the war against the machines, his relationship with the machine Cameron or his relationship with his movieverse wife Kate Brewster.
  • Time Travel: A common trope in works featuring John as he has canonically travelled through time, in both the TV and movieverse. Time travel theories often appear in fanfiction. Sometimes John knowingly causes the events that impact him in the past, such as his birth, and in other works, making changes to the past can result in alternate timelines. Many works set in alternate timelines resemble AU fics, where Judgement Day was averted. Sometimes John remembers the events of the original timeline, while other characters are oblivious.
  • Season 3: Following the TSCC season 2 cliffhanger, many John-centric works picked up immediately where the show finished up.


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