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Name: Cameron
Occupation: killer robot
Relationships: John Connor (her reprogrammer and mission objective)
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Other: played by actor Summer Glau[1]
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Cameron is a Terminator, a killer robot from the future, who is first introduced in the first episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

She is pretending to be a high school girl named Cameron Philips who flirts with the future (post-killer-robot-apocalypse) savior of humanity, the then-teenaged John Connor, until she suddenly saves him from a different killer robot from the future, one out to kill John.

It turns out that future-John Connor reprogrammed her from her core urge to kill humans (and John Connor most of all) and sent her back in time to help preserve John Connor's life in the past.

Over the course of the show's two seasons she deals with physical and AI glitches that affect her functionality and ability to repress her urge to kill John, and make it seem as if she is starting to develop emotions.

Physically, she is modeled (for infiltration reasons) after a human resistance fighter from the future, Allison Young. During one of the episodes Cameron has amnesia and temporarily believes herself to be Allison.

"When Cameron and John first meet, she is pretending to be human, and doing it so effectively that even John, who has a fair idea of what to look out for from the enemy by that point, is fooled by her. This will prove to be an ongoing theme in their relationship. When she does choose to reveal to John what she already is, it is so that she can save his life, and deliver a message: she has been sent by his future self in order to protect him so that he can continue the job of trying to halt Judgment Day. That she is being sent back without any supervision in spite of the fact that John as a teenager is presumably much more vulnerable than he will be as a battle-hardened adult man either speaks tremendously highly of John’s faith in his own computer skills, his faith in Cameron qua Cameron, or both."[1]

In Fandom

Cameron is a popular character in TSCC fandom. She is most often paired with John Connor, but Derek Reese/Cameron fanworks are also popular. Sarah Connor/Cameron is a popular pairing among femslash fans.

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