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Name: sisabet
Type: vidder
Fandoms: Angel: The Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, Due South, The Invisible Man, Kill Bill, Moonlighting, Farscape, Smallville, Supernatural, Queer As Folk US, TSCC
URL: sisabet on LJ, on YouTube, website
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sisabet is a prolific and incredibly talented vidder.

She is particularly discussed for her use of music, which was broader and more diverse than was typical in old skool vidding, and thus led to vidders considering broader musical styles as acceptable vid songs.

In particular, sisabet was a proponent of hip hop, rap, and other music that had not been much used in vids to that point.

sisabet made a number of rap/hip hop vids for Angel, using songs like Cowboy, My West Hollywood Lifestyle, and Without Me. For her Farscape vid, Be So Glad, sisabet edited together a historical recording of the spiritual as sung by an actual chain gang with the more recently rerecorded version of the song.

She has also embraced previously underused musical styles like country music, disco, and heavy metal in her vids.

sisabet helped popularize the term Lord King Bad Vid (originally coined by Zen) and was the first to VJ a Lord King Bad Vid show.

Notable Vids