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Synonyms: LKBV, Lord King Bad Vid
See also: vidding, crack, crack!vid, id vortex, Badfic, Ironic Distance
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LKBVs (Lord King Bad Vids) were shown unofficially at a room party at Vividcon 2005.[1] In 2006, VVC staged a LKBV vidshow defined by its VJ, Sisabet, thus:

"You know a LKBV when you see it. It is a horrible concept combined with compelling execution. You can't look away. It becomes something more to you. You start to think that, YES! Kenny Loggins was always singing about Angel and you just never realized it before. It's the vid your inner twelve-year-old thinks is the best thing ever!"[2]

The term "Lord King Bad Vid" was coined by Zen, aka vagabondage, and Sisabet. The original Lord King Bad Vid idea was for an Invisible Man Fawkes/Hobbes vid set to "All the Way"[3] and the term is still in use in 2010.[4]

Lord King Bad Fic is also occasionally used to describe fanfiction which acknowledges but makes no apologies for sentiment, cliche, or mawkishness, but pursues the goal with utter sincerity.

"[S]ee, the key to the Lord King Bad designation is, as far as I can tell, to use all your talent, skill, passion, and belief to pursue an idea that you would totally have loved when you were 13."[5]


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