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Title: Alone
Creator: sisabet
Date: 04 October 2010
Format: digital vidding
Length: 3:40 min
Music: Alone by Heart
Genre: slash vid, Lord King Bad
Fandom: Merlin
Footage: S1-S3 (3.04)
URL: Alone (LiveJournal)
Alone (YouTube)

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Alone is a Merlin/Arthur vid by sisabet (3:40 min). The vid is an example of ironic distance. The YouTube version is geoblocked in Germany.

Summary: What if Arthur has hidden depths?

Recs and Reviews

  • "Yes. Alone. Alone. By Heart. Because hello, Arthur has some fucking depths, bitches. And he wants to get Merlin alone. Like, now. I mean, a lot, apparently. In his manpain. Specially recommended is any moment Arthur makes like a Dark Ages Byron and stares into the distance looking sixteen hundred years too early for emo and desperately wishing for a guitar while pondering his miserable life. Also, you never really realize how much Merlin and Arthur have embraced the idea that personal space is so last major religious shift in the west until, you know, you watch."[1]
  • "A Merlin/Arthur vid featuring pining!Arthur. This is hilarious but not funny-ha ha. It's practically an ode to the story-videos of the 80's. It's aww-worthy and romantic and just pure fun. The images she chose fit the song perfectly. It's AMAZING. HEE."[2]
  • "This is entirely charming. I think my favorite part is the unicorn. Or when the dragons sing. Or the bit at the beginning when the drums kick in on the swordfight. Or the part where you build to that by showing us Arthur putting his helmet on. Or Arthur's moony eyes. Or how cute they are together in the last chorus. Okay. All the parts are my favorite part."[3]
  • "Seriously, people. It has been a week since my first viewing of this vid, and this song has lodged in my head like it's set in concrete, filling my days with a) "how can I get you alone?" and b) Arthur's sincere and true emo pain of painingness and emosity. One of these things is wonderful. The other becomes intolerable at around the thirtieth hour. That is the conundrum of this vid: it will make your life better and happier and bring you joy right up until it makes you insane. [...] What I'm saying is: if I disappear, blame sisabet. (Also Heart. I'm not entirely sure those people should ever have been allowed to record anything if this is what happens when you hear their music.) But you know what? This vid is worth it. It makes the whole '80s worth it, too. Watch it! For the dragon singing! And Arthur's manpain set to guitars! And his single perfect tear by proxy."[4]


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