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Name: Seperis
Alias(es): Jenn, Jennifer, Jenn the Merry, Jennifer Lynn
Type: Fanwriter, Moderator, Reccer, meta writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: Voyager (1999-2000)
X-Men Movieverse (2000-2001)
Smallville (2001-2006)
Queer as Folk US (2003-2005)
Stargate Atlantis (2005 - present)
Due South (2008)
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008 - ?)
Merlin (2009)
Star Trek (2009)
American Idol (2009-2010)
Supernatural (2007-2008, 2014 - present)
Communities: ASC, ASCEML, ClarkLex, ClarkLexFic, PTFever, Schronicles, Wolverineandrogue, WRBeta, Xmenmoviefanfic
Other: unknown
URL: (see Indulgence)
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Seperis has been involved in fandom since 1999.

In her introductory bio in the Kiscon 2011 program book:

I've been a Trek fan pretty much since birth, where I watched Star Trek religiously in reruns until episode memorization commenced; when I was eleven, Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered and I watched it from pilot to finale. Bitter about Deep Space Nine and Voyager taking its place, I turned to the professional Trek novels for TOS and TNG and then in 1999, three things happened; I found the internet, Voyager, and fanfiction all at once. I also discovered Deep Space Nine in reruns, so at this point, the only Trek I'm still boycotting is Enterprise, and I'm pretty sure I'll break for it fairly soon.

I entered fandom near the end of the most active usenet period and when it was entering mailing lists; I made the jump from lists to LJ in 2002 and have been there ever since. Primarily, I'm a fanfic writer. Star Trek Voyager was my first fandom and where I wrote my first fanfiction "Manipulation", a Paris/Torres episode extension of "Someone to Watch Over Me."

Blanket Statement

Seperis has made a blanket statement about further transformation of her fanworks: "Any and all of my fanfic has open permission to dvd commentary, remix, podfic, sequel, prequel, translate into another language, or re-work in a new medium, with full attribution to sources. Please email if you do so I can see it, because I'd love to see what you've done and tell people about it." [1]




Star Trek XI

  • War Games (2010). Epic Kirk/Spock novel, ~109,000 words. The Federation and the Romulan Empire have been on the verge of war for what sometimes feels like forever; this is the place where what passes for peace might end.



McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards:
2006: Shed Your Skin by Seperis (Winner Episode Tag)
2006: Teacher's Pet by Seperis (Runner-Up Series)
2006: Crimes Against Humanity (Winner WIP)

2007: Story of a Girl (Winner Genderbender)
2007: The List of Cool Shit to Do (Winner Mixed Media)


  • Down to Agincourt (2014-present). An epic literary canon-divergent Dean/Cas series, ≈1,000,000 words, set in the post-apocalyptic Endverse (a parallel reality created by writer Ben Edlund for the series' episode “The End,” 5x04).



In 2008, Seperis hosted an updated variation of the 2001 Dead Letters Challenge.


X-Men: The Movie Fanfic Central


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