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Name: X-Men: The Movie Fanfic Central
Date(s): 2000-2001
Archivist: Seperis
Founder: Misty
Type: Fan Fiction
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
URL: GeoCities; Wayback
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X-Men: The Movie Fanfic Central was the centralized archive for X-Men Movieverse from 2000-2001. It is now inactive.

See The X-Men Movieverse Archive.


  • Archivist and Maintainer: Seperis (2001)
  • Other archivists: Diana (a-e author archivist); Jennifer Hallmark (f-j author archivist); Victoria P (f-j author indexer); Molly (k-o author archivist); Kari Jo (k-o author indexer); Beth Shanley (p-t author archivist); Andariel (p-t indexer, general maintenance); Ally (u-z author archivist); Moonbean (general index); Jamie (assistant at large)

Previous Staff

  • Archivist and Maintainer: Misty (2000-2001)

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