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Name: moonbeam
Alias(es): moonbeamsfanfic, moonbeamspredilections, Luna-tic
Type: fanwriter, metawriter, reccer
Fandoms: Forever Knight, seaQuest, Star Trek: TNG, Harry Potter, The Sentinel, Stargate, NCIS, Dark Angel, Buffy & Angel Sentinel, Knight Rider, Highlander, Transformers, X-Files
Communities: tannerific or Legends of a Sharpshooter a comm for The Magnificent Seven
Other: Moonbeam's Fanfiction Predilections
URL: moonbeamsfanfic at AO3
moonbeamspredilections at FFN
moonbeamsfanfic at DW
moonbeamsfanfic at LJ
moonbeamsfanfic at Pinboard
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Moonbeam is a prolific multifandom fanwriter and reccer, a BNF for many years.


Fanfiction: I live for it. I am a voracious reader, a half-decent writer, and a full-time pimp of high quality fanfic by other authors. I'm into many fandoms, many genres, am bi-fictional, and I love crossovers. Feedback, especially constructive criticism, is much sought after and adored.


For pimping needs, a large cross-indexed list of highly recommended stories in a variety of fandoms (written by much better authors than I'll ever be) can be found on my Pinboard account.

I also maintain an extensive and (hopefully) comprehensive list of Fanfiction Terminology to which I am always on the look-out for more terms to define. Please feel free to add your contributions to the ever-growing glossary![1]

– moonbeam at lj profile

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