Knight Rider

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Name: Knight Rider
Abbreviation(s): KR
Date(s): September 26, 1982 – August 8, 1986
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: United States
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Michael Knight and KITT on the cover of Knightales 3, art by Connie Faddis

Knight Rider was an eighties television series. There were also several spin-off movies, the short lived Team Knight Rider, usually abbreviated TKR, and another sequel series in 2008.

Show synopsis

After Police officer Michael Long was rescued by wealthy philanthropist Wilton Knight following a near-fatal shooting, he received a new identity as Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) and joined the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG). He and his partner KITT (the Knight Industries Two Thousand), an artificially intelligent car, travel the country fighting crime.


The fandom is small but still active, with several Livejournal communities and fansites. Prominent fanworks include Gryph’s Fire and Ice AU.[1]




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