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Name: Connie Faddis (Connie Reich)
Type: writer, artist, costumer, publisher, editor
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, K/S, Starsky & Hutch, Doctor Who
a self-portrait from Menagerie #12
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Connie Faddis is an enormously talented fan who was active in many aspects of Star Trek and K/S fandom. She was an artist who did illustrations and cover art for many zines, including Broken Images. Connie was active in fandom, winning awards and making fanworks, from 1968 to the early 90s.

Her earliest fanworks were in Star Date #1, published in June 1968.

In 1975, Faddis started the zine Interphase, which many fans consider the best gen fanzine of all time.[1] About her art reproduction technique a fellow fan said:
"On her first issue of Interphase, printed in 1975, Connie Faddis employed a method called silk-screening for her cover – a detailed, time-consuming project which only an accomplished artist like Connie would have the skill to pull off. But the rest of us settled for what we could learn and do more easily. Artistically, Interphase set the bar for all the zines that followed, in more ways than one."[2]
Connie was a fan writer (mostly in the late '70s) who contributed stories and meta to other people's zines as well as her own[3], and had two stories published in Star Trek: The New Voyages 2.

She was also a noted costumer, winning many Masquerades. Nancy Kippax called her one of the "Queens of Costuming."[4] Many of her costume creations were based upon fan fiction – more than one was inspired by the Kraith series.

In 2014, a fan reviewed the Starsky & Hutch zine Zebra Three and had highly positive things to say about the restraint and power of Faddis's writing in the story Mojave Crossing. See Reading a 1977 Zine in 2014: Zebra Three.[5]

1982 Auto Bio

In 1982, she was nominated for a FanQ Award and she submitted a brief bio to The Annual Fan Q Awards Nominations Booklet:
"...I've been doing artwork for fanzines since around 1968, when I got into media fandom. I wince to think of my early efforts, and bless the kind souls who printed them. I've done artwork for such fandoms as Trek, Star Wars, Starsky & Hutch, Doctor Who, MASH, and regular sf. I wouldn't know where to begin to put together a zine publication credit list. but my artwork has appeared in SPOCKANALIA, T-NEGATIVE, MENAGERIE, INTERPHASE, THE OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE, ZEBRA THREE, GRAVEN IMAGES, ME AND THEE, TEN-THIRTEEN, THE FACES OF TIME, ZETA MINOR, JELLY BABY CHRONICLES, SYNDIZINE, WARPED SPACE, PEGASUS, and many others. Ten full-page illustrations in pen and ink (five of them doublepage spreads) were done in an interpretive style to accompany GRAVEN IMAGES; the illo shown from GRAVEN IMAGES for "Other Media" is called "The Hierophant"."


Connie in her award winning Romulan Praeter costume lounging on the full size model bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise, third Star Trek convention in New York. Photo has been uploaded with Connie's permission
  • At the third New York Star Trek convention in 1974, she won the costume contest dressed as a Romulan Praeter.
  • Faddis was the recipient of the very first FanQ award for Best Artist in 1977. It was awarded at SeKWester*Con Too.
  • In 1982, she won the FanQ Award as 'Best Star Wars Artist.'
  • In 1988, she won the "Memory Alpha" Surak Award
  • In 1991, she again won the FanQ, this time for her War of the Worlds art.

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