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Title: ...Scum & Villainy
Publisher: Tsoume Press
Editor(s): Amanda Ruffin ("Villainy") and Laurie Haldeman ("Scum")
Date(s): 1979 (January?)
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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...Scum & Villainy is a gen Star Wars 110-page anthology. Artwork is by Connie Faddis (front cover and other), Beckey Aulenback, Jane Firmstone (back cover), David Jenner, Judi Hendricks, and Martynn (insert).

front cover by Connie Faddis -- the editors: Laurie Haldeman ("Scum") is on George Lucas' right, Amanda Ruffin ("Villainy") is on George Lucas' left
George Lucas is typing: "The Further Adventures of Luke Skywalker by George Lucas. It was a dark and stormy night. A shot rang out. In the distance, a daggit barked. The emperor had blackbird pie while the Jawas starved. Mean..."
back cover by Jane Firmstone
the acknowledgements
[From "Scum's" editorial]:

Have we got some goodies for you! The Wedding Challenge by Cindy Gandy is the best story we've ever seen from a sixteen-year-old Job's Daughter from the wilds of rural Ohio. It's a fairy-tale story, so don't mind the petty details like how Darth got onto Leia's balcony in the first place. Instead, note Cindy's flair for dialogue and characization. We were enchanted by this one, and we hope you will be, too. Connie Faddis has created lovely coloring-book illustrations to accompany "Challenge." We think they're perfect for the mood and flavor of City's story. Connie's cover's not too bad either...

Becky Aulenbach's wonderful illustrations appear in various spots in the zine (and a good thing, too!) Karen Klinck sent all kindsa good stuff -- filksongs, a puzzle, and a vignette about poor Han's slight misunderstanding about his trip to where Alderaan used to be. Paula Smith's filksong is another of the crazy masterpieces we've come to expect from her. Thankee, Smif!

We'd also like to thank our electro-stencilers, Debbie Goldstein and Jeanne Sullivan, without whom this zine was not be nearly as good, or as cheap. Also thanks to all who helped, Jan, Connie, Barb, and everybody else who shows up before this thing is put together. Good work, filk!
[From the editorial by Villainy]:

I'm Villiany -- what's it to ya? So ... we're over a year late, eh? Whatcha expect from an outfit named SCUM & VILLAINY? Promptness? Go kiss a bantha!

Firstly, on the front cover, I'm the one on Obi-Wan Lucas's right, Scum is on his left. Get the picture? Now that that's settled ... the lion's share of praise (or whatever) for this ish goes to Judi Hendricks. If she hadn't written such a terrific story, Scum and I probably would have stayed on Tatooine rolling drunken Imperials instead of doing this ... but such is life. Judi thought we'd never get our act together, but we fooled her. Her story is here (and well worth the wait) along with some superb illos by Martynn! Thanks muchly, M -- they even look like Judi! Howja do it? Use a Judi-clone? And you get to see Judi's artistic touch in the illos she did for Earl. A butterfly net couldn't have captured Earl any better!

Jane and Kelly hopped aboard our bandwagon waaaay back when. Jane's vignette is a logical and fitting end to the biggest day of Luke's young life and her cartoon is great! (The Pegasus editors still gnash their teeth when they think about us getting it instead of them.) Kelly and Brenda's poetry balance each other nicely and we're mighty pleased with both. Another neo -- David Jenner -- makes his debut with us. Thanks for the needed filler, kiddo!

And now a word about a piece of collective insanity -- Earl Vader. Earl is ... uh, Earl." Although I'm listed as the author, a large helping of the blame goes to Scum and my good friends, Cool Han Luke. You see, Earl was 'born' one night at the Marion County Fair in a swirl of pink dust-bunnies, cotton candy, and horse turds. It isn't any wonder why weird forces have surrounded him since his first appearance. Could also be because Earl is a real honest-to-goodness person -- a fertilizer salesman in North Dakota. (Appropriate, eh? Scum came across him one day in Seratan's files, bless 'er.) Anyway, our Earl has traveled to Chicago twice by himself and has stalled or otherwise damaged three cars hauling his story around. (Ever spend five hours in the dead of winter in the middle of the night on a Michigan freeway? Scum and I have!) In spite of the comments and suggestions (some printable) I received, Earl is finally in print. However, we the editors, disavow any knowledge of his actions (or foul-ups) that you, the Post Office, or the truckers may have in getting this zine delivered. Remember: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Lastly -- heartfelt thanks to Jan for Obi-Wan Gestetner and all the fluffles, to Connie for the artwork (8 illos?!!?) and a place to crash, to Barb for company at Arvey's, to the Michigan crew for their tremendous help, and especially to Scum -- gonna miss you, ya little devil!


  • Editorial (Scum) (2)
  • Editorial (Villainy) (3)
  • untitled poem by Kelly Hill (4)
  • The Wedding Challenge by Cindy Gandy (In which Leia almost marries Darth Vader, but at the last minute she marries Luke instead.) (6)
  • Find-A-Word Wordfind Puzzle by Karen Klinck (30)
  • Chewie the Wookiee, filk by Karen Klinck (32)
  • Reflections in the Night by Jane Firmstone (34)
  • Remember the Alderaan, filk by Paula Smith and Margeret Middleton (36)
  • My Luck’s Finally Changed by Karen Klinck (39)
  • Incident by Karen Klinck (41)
  • Stowaway by Judy Hendricks (part of The Cori Beckett Series, reprinted in Pegasus #6 in 1983) (42)
  • The Adventures of Earl Vader, The Pink Klutz of the Sith by Laurie Haldeman (92)
  • Dear Sir by Han Sole (106)
  • The Mercenary by Brenda Schafer (107)
  • Find a Word Answers (108)
  • Ode to the X-Wing, filk by Karen Klinck (109)
  • Plugs (acknowledgments) (109)


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