Blond Blintz Bulletin

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Title: Blond Blintz Bulletin
Publisher: Otter Limits Press
Editor(s): Paulie and Karen B
Date(s): August 1979
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Language: English
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front cover by Paulie
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Blond Blintz Bulletin is a gen Starsky and Hutch 117-page anthology. The cover says, "Special Zebra Con Issue" and "No.1," but it was the only edition.

There were 150 printed.

It has a sister zine called Dirtball Dispatch.

This Zine and TPTB

Starsky & Hutch is one fandom that had very, very little interaction with the creators of the source material. Unlike some big fandoms of the time such as Star Trek and Blake's 7, this show's fans, for the most part, kept their distance from the actors and the producers. (For more on this subject, see TPTB's Involvement and Interference.)

"The Blond Blintz Bulletin" is unusual in that its creators sent a copy of it, and "Dirtball Dispatch," directly to the actors.[1]

While it is possible that other Starsky and Hutch zines were sent to TPTB by their creators, this zine is unique in that it was the only zine that addressed both actors personally in the editorial—the editor blamed the typos in its sister zine on "drugs":
Footnote to Mr. Soul and Mr. Glaser - no, it's not what you think - instead, a toxic reaction to poison oak, and 7 medications thrust upon a body that was fairly into natural health stuff; surely you understand, PMG. However, if Mssrs. Starsky & Hutch would like to bust this one, Hutch can bust, as long as I'm guaranteed that Starsky frisks. (Hee Hee!)

From the Editorial

This zine, as was mentioned in the Dirtball Dispatch, and does not bear repeating (but I'm going to repeat it anyway) was inspired by many happy hours with Zebra Three. Not to go on about the Dirtball Dispatch in the Blond Blintz Bulletin - but I am - I see the mistakes I made, and I think you'll find that if in nothing else but page numbers, this one will run a lot smoother... Again, I believe, - but I'm prejudiced - that we have another winner here. Once past a grueling dedication, art and stories jump out at you from some very talented people. Thanks to Karen - a mean lady at trivia - for putting so much time and work into this, being the sole typist (pardon the pun) for both zines, on stencils yet, which she claims are the invention of the Marquis de Sade!... A special thank you to Connie Faddis for providing professionally printed artwork, which raised the caliber of both zines and made them the collector's items they are (being limited editions, I mean, not bragging!). Also thank you to all the other artists and writers for their contributions and sweat, and most especially to the readers, for being so kind and patient during the delay in the printing of this zine...From the Stake-Out to "A Special Chemistry", I think you'll be pleased. I know I am. Remember, that at Zebra Con II - The Sequel, the Dirtball Dispatch 2 and the Blond Blintz Bulletin 2 will be coming out. These will always be special Zebra Con editions, so as long as there is a Zebra Con, there will be a Dispatch and a Bulletin. And, in the meantime, there will be a Dirtball and a Blond Blintz section in PARTNERS - a possibly twice-a-year zine, depending on contributions.

The Second Issue That Wasn't

Submissions were requested for a year in issues of S and H until it was announced in the December 1980 issue that there would be no second issue for this zine or Dirtball Dispatch: "Sorry, folks, but it just isn't working anymore. I have my own press and zines, and Paulie is getting more and more into Dr. Who'dom, and since we live so far apart now, working on zines together just isn't viable."



Reactions and Reviews

A fanzine devoted to Starsky/Hutch, or rather stories where he is the main topic (of course Hutch/Starsky is going to be in it too). Poems, stories, art and trivia will make up this zine about the walking brillo pad/the health food fanatic of Los Angeles...This is a single printing, collectors editions of these zines. They will not be printed again. A copy of each zine are going to PMG [Paul Michael Glaser] and DS [David Soul]. Everyone attending Zebra Con will be signing them before they are sent off.[3]
The common plot-theme is: Starsky gets kidnapped and everybody but Hutch thinks he's dead, and Hutch finds him, the end. This is the story of 'Ghost Cries,' 'Broken Keeper,' and 'Special Chemistry.' The other major story in this issue, 'Rite of Initiation' belongs in DD -- Starsky falls into danger of... etc. The quality of the stories in this set of zines is not towering but neither is it bad; it ranges in a band about acceptable. As you may surmise, the works here rely heavily on the jeopardy plot, and the more blood the better. They make good bedroom books -- something to dip into for the 'good parts' just before sacking out.[4]


  1. ^ Casa Cabrillo is possibly another example as that zine has a one-of-a-kind article written by someone involved in the show's production. As for material being sent to the actors and TPTB without the creators' consent, there was much fear regarding slash zines a little over a year after "Blond Blintz Bulletin" was published, a fear that was fanned by threats that copies of slash stories, and any slash zines that were published, would be sent to Aaron Spelling and company in retaliation for having been produced in the first place.
  2. ^ Ulch passed away in May 2021.
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