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Title: Podnahz
Publisher: Otter Limits Press/The Presses
Date(s): 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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cover by PJ Alexander

Podnahz is a gen Starsky and Hutch anthology fanzine. It is a reissue of some of the contents of the 1979-1980 zines Partners, Dirtball Dispatch, and Blond Blintz Bulletin. Cover Art: Paullé (P.J. Alexander). Interior Artwork: Connie Faddis, Paullé (P.J. Alexander), Todd Hamilton, Ruth Kurz, David Hosky, GAR, BVG, and Jazz (computer "clip art" of the Torino).

As late as Spring of 1998, a second issue of this zine was "due out soon," but it never materialized.

From the Editorial

I can't believe I'm sitting down in front of the computer (Jazz) with this 'old friend.' It's as though my fandom has come full circle. The very first fandom I ever did a zine for was Starsky and Hutch (17 years ago). This zine as a matter of fact. Well, three zines actually, two of which were combined to make this single zine. Let me explain .... While it was Star Wars that got me into fandom, got me attending meetings of a local SF group in Chicago, Starsky and Hutch was my all time first love. It was at these meetings that I met Karen B and polluted ... er... introduced her to these two guys. The rest is a wild roller coaster history of wading upstream against a white-water of intolerant sci fi fans and conventions promoting, S&H fandom and Zebra Con (then solely a S&H con). We weren't the only zines out there. As a matter of fact, we entered S&H zine publishing on the coat tails of such classic publications as ZEBRA 3, ME & THEE, and THE PITS. But Karen and I were the first ones to attempt a convention. I'm happy to say it was a success, and though the first Zebra Con only had 60 or so members, we had an absolute blast... When Starsky and Hutch started airing again in mid-1995, 1 thought about these wonderful stories in the zines from the 70's, and called Karen to ask if she still had copies of the three mimeo zines: THE DIRTBALL DISPATCH, THE BLOND BLINTZ BULLETIN, and PARTNERS. My own copies had been destroyed - along with the rest of my fanzines and most of my record collection - in a flood that put a foot of water on the floor of my basement apartment in Chicago. Karen not only had her copies, but she graciously allowed me to borrow them so I could bully ... er ... persuade my chosen companion and podnah-in-all-things, Tami, to data enter the stories... We didn't want the first issue of PODNAHZ to get too large, so we used only selected stories and art from DIRTBALL ... and PARTNERS. I use the term "selected" simply because some of the artwork was unable to be reproduced from faded 18-year-old mimeo pages, and a few pages in some stories were worn in such a way that part of the lines were obliterated. We will sit down this summer and - bit by bit - try to reconstruct what has faded. We will include those stories in issue #2, along with the ... BLINTZ fiction and reproducible art, along with some new fiction by the new wave of writers in this great fandom.


  • Dirtball by Todd Hamilton (4) (originally in Dirtball Dispatch)
  • Blond Blintz by Todd Hamilton (5) (originally in Blond Blintz Bulletin)
  • Sound of Distant Drums by Teri White (7) (originally in Dirtball Dispatch)
  • Singularity by Elizabeth Lowry (17) (originally in Partners)
  • Missing Scene: Playboy Island by Marie Patrick (19) (originally in Dirtball Dispatch)
  • Pohdnahs by Roy Smith (29) (originally in Partners)
  • Hell on Wheels by Lorraine Bartlett (33) (Starsky and Hutch take to roller skates for a case along the beach.) (originally in Partners)
  • The Rumor by Marion Hale (49) (originally in Dirtball Dispatch)
  • Every Cloud by D.C. Black, poem (63) (originally in Partners)
  • One Way Trip to Nowhere by Shirley Passman (65) (Story of Starsky, wheelchair-bound after being involved in a shootout without Hutch backing him up.) (originally in Partners)
  • Fish Story by Marion Hale (97) (originally in Partners)
  • Beach Head by Barb Storey, poem (100) (originally in Partners)
  • Tomorrow by Lizabeth Tucker, poem (101) (originally in Partners)
  • Stake Out by D.C. Black, poem (103) (originally in Dirtball Dispatch)
  • The Long and Winding Road by Teri White (107) (Starsky and Hutch meet in Vietnam.) (originally in Partners)
  • Death’s Door by Judy Maricevic (119) (originally in Dirtball Dispatch)
  • Healing Time by Elizabeth Lowry (125) (originally in Partners)