Roy Smith

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Name: Roy Smith
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch
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Roy Smith is a pseud for the writing partnership of Eileen Roy and Paula Smith.

In 1982, Roy Smith was nominated for a FanQ award and Eileen and Paula submitted the following fictional bio to The Annual Fan Q Awards Nominations Booklet:
"Roy Smith , D.D.S., has been fascinated by policemen ever since shooting himself in the foot with a cap pistol at the age of six. He is well known in Dudley Doright, RCMP, fandom, and has contributed many articles of interesting trivia to the publication of mud wrestling fans SLIME. He turned to Starsky and Hutch during a stressful period in his life when his wife and mother-in-law revealed their long-time affair . "Manly men," he was heard to mutter. "Manly men." Unfortunately, he suffered a serious nervous breakdown shortly after completing "A Brotfier Helped" , and departed on a long ocean voyage to try and re,store his faith in the ultimate rationality of the human spirit. His last reported position: the Falkland Islands. He is survived by three children, one of each. Dr. Roy Smith's literary agents are Eileen Roy and Paula Smith, neither of which feel any loyalty to humankind whatsoever . One is, in actuality, a very tall hobbit (furry feet, furry furry feet); the other an intergalactic traveller merely waiting for a really good towel. Do not assume which is which."