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Name: Ruth Kurz
Type: fanwriter, fan artist
Fandoms: Harry and Johnny, Starsky & Hutch, Simon and Simon, others
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"Ruth Kurz's Rick & AJ hugging got an award at ZebraCon for Best Dramatic Illo in the non-S&H, non-Professionals category. (I thought it was an erotic illo, myself, but a friend told me it can't be erotic if they have their clothes on— I don't believe that.) ... I love Ruth's artwork SO MUCH. It certainly enhances these l/z's and our lives. [1]

Ruth Kurz had a big part in creating the Harry and Johnny slash fandom (i.e. Harry Callahan/John Davis from the Dirty Harry movies). She wrote much of the fiction, created a shared universe with canon, such as a timeline, for that ship, and recruited other fans to join.

She was also a very active artist, writer, and LoCer in other fandoms.

Ruth passed away in January 2019.

Art Gallery

Ruth has given blanket permission for her art to appear on Fanlore.

Starsky & Hutch

Star Trek: TOS

The Professionals