Simon & Simon Investigations

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Title: Simon & Simon Investigations
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press
Editor(s): Darlene F.
Type: letterzine, newsletter
Date(s): 1986-1991
Medium: print
Size: digest sized
Fandom: Simon and Simon
Language: English
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cover of issue #1 by Ruth Kurz
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Simon & Simon Investigations is a gen and slash letterzine. It is a compilation of letters from fans, nonfiction articles and pictures. The letterzine would also insert of color photo of the actors in each issue, usually affixed to the last page. There is no fiction, nor is there (aside from some front covers), any art. Like many fan publications of the time, some issues of the letterzine were published without copyright notices and may, in the US, be in the public domain.

There is some overlap in publication times with Details at 11 which ended around issue #4 of "Simon and Simon Investigations."


"This bi-monthly letterzine is open to all aspects of the brothers' relationship, and each issue includes Letters of Comment, articles, and a glossy photo. Published entirely for the enjoyment of the subscribers, SSI is only for those S&S-S/S fans who wants to join in a l/z written for and by fans who appreciate the loving relationship of television's sexiest private detectives... age statement required." -- from an ad in Pop Stand Express #15

an example of the photo page (photo missing)
issue #4, with the photo intact

Typical Contents

  • Full Moon Blues - Editorial
  • Undercover Assignment - the next letterzine topic for discussion (ex: What song best described the guys' relationship (slash or gen)?, the topic for issue #3).
  • A Significant Obsessions - letters from subscribers
  • What Goes Around Comes Around - reprinted newspaper and magazine articles about the actors and the show
  • Almost Completely Out of Circulation - professional publications and fanzines
  • Corpus Delecti - a color photograph of the actors

Issue 1

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 1 was published in July 1986 and contains 18 pages. The front cover is by Ruth Kurz, and the back cover is blank.
  • it contains 6 LoCs, some newspaper article reprints
  • from the editorial:
    Since this is our premiere issue, I'd like to give you some idea of what SSI is going to be about, namely, SSI IS WRITTEN FOR THE FANS, BY THE FANS, WITH OUT ANY PREJUDICE TO ANYONE'S OPINION. "For the fans": as the flyer announced, SSI is open to all viewpoints regarding Rick & AJ, including S/S; therefore SSI will NOT be going to the S&S production offices or to anyone connected with the show. .. SSI is solely for US, the fans, so we can discuss any topic we so desire without fear of upsetting someone we admire. (Like, "Jeez, didn't JP look awful in that episode?"). SSI is a place for us to let our hair down... We're all in this together, right? "Without prejudice to anyone's opinion": if there were to be one golden rule regarding SSI, it would be that all who enter here must do so with a light heart and a deep feeling of comaraderie for all other S&S fans. As Rick and AJ tackle life with love and laughter, so will their letterzine. As far as editor's go, I'm probably one of the most easy going you're likely to find, but I will NOT tolerate cattiness, back-biting, or any sort of bitchiness. If you disagree with a point someone makes in their LoC, then say so, but do so with regard for that person's feelings. Fair enough? Good, end of lecture!

  • the editor's thoughts on the SS relationship:
    Briefly: How do I view Rick and AJ's relationship? Although I faithfully watch the series, and enjoy the relationship portrayed there, I must admit I have a passion(?) for the concept of S/S, only because I think the guys are SO damn sexy together! They are, first and foremost, brothers, best friends, partners. Their love and devotion for one another is unequalled, so it is very easy for me to carry that love one step further, and make them lovers, as well. But that doesn't mean SSI will only be S/S. I loved the guys as brothers long before I loved them as lovers!

  • a fan is has these enthusiastic comments:
    I hope we get some of our good artists back (Ruth, are you out there?), and that this letterzine will have lots of illos and cartoons, and pictures, and articles and crazy stuff. Can we send poetry and such in, also? Goodie, this is gonna be fun. I can't wait!... Let me get a plug in for a couple of new fanzines... WHO RIDES FOR JUSTICE? and MIXED MEDIA. The first one is put out by Ann Leonhart and has the best stories I've read in ages...Lots of Simon & Simon, plus Hardcastle & McCormick, UNCLE (one..I'm not an UNCLE fan) and other stuff. It's a good zine. The other is Ruth Kurz's Harry/Johnny meets almost everyone...and I (moi) have a story in it which nobody has read...this is a plug for me as well as the zine, which is lots of fun, and really, really good!! Really! Mine is H/J meet R/AJ, as if you couldn't guess. Is it kosher to plug your own stuff? Why not!... Okay, this is it for the first issue. I hope we can all get together here and talk about things we've always wanted to say and never were quite able to. Just because we covered a lot of things in the early DAE issues doesn't mean we can't do it all again. Besides, I think we have picked up some new people who weren't there for previous discussions...people who are only now seeing S&S repeats of past seasons, and probably have a lot of questions for us old-timers...creak...groan. Remember! We, the fans must ride for justice here...and keep our show on the air...and besides..these guys aren't just tv characters..they're real. We all know that!!

  • another fan writes:
    How do I view Rick and AJ's relationship? I see Rick and AJ as very, very close brothers who really care for each other very much. This caring comes out in their bantering, in the fact that they can work together and practically live together despite their two different personalities -- I think I once read where Rick and AJ's relationship was likened to two sides of one coin, essentially two personalities of one person. Yes, I am aware of the S/S element some people give to them. And although I, myself, do not see the relationship as such, I know of some people who do, and I can accept the fact they do -- I never try to begrudge another to the right of his or her opinion.

  • a fan describes her thoughts on the SS relationship:
    Everyone knows how I view Rick and AJ's relationship—with affectionate appreciation! There is a special kind of love that far surpasses thaj of brothers. You can see it, feel it in the air. That soulmate closeness that gives the show its trademark. A love consummated and complete spiritually, proven many times over. Their relationship balances both their lives, smoothes out the rough spots of both their personalities. Individually complete— together whole. Romantic concept? Maybe. But that's what adds the flavor to life! I hesitate to delve deep into intensities here, but suffice to say who better than brothers whould develop such intimacy of sharing—dreams, fears—from childhood on.

  • another fan introduces herself:
    I'm into almost every aspect of fandom, from Trek to The Professionals, straight and "/". I'm a completist, trying to collect everything ever published or broadcast, which keeps me busy. I'm very liberal-minded, and I firmly believe that whatever one sees is dandy for them. As to Rick and AJ, I must admit that I don't see the "/" relationship in the episodes as aired. That doesn't mean that I don't see it in a kind of 'parallel universe.' I write some R/AJ and I've got more than one "first time" story. I don't have a master list or a one "true" universe. I just enjoy watching, reading, and daydreaming about the guys, and whatever "feels" in character to me is a "good story". Not all the aired episodes have been "good stories", and that doesn't bother me, just as it doesn't bother me to imagine straight or "/" stories. There's room for everybody!

  • a fan writes:
    I don't see them as lovers, but in a sort-of alternate view, it would be nice, as they're already everything to each other, with the exception of that. Besides, it's terribly naughty and nice to think about, those lean, sinewy legs and all that blond skin together...Ooops, got carried away there for a minute. With Rick and AJ, just like with Kirk and Spock, or Starsky and Hutch before them, there's absolutely no question that they love one another --the quibbling just lies into what extent and how they choose to express it. Rick is sexy and witty and AJ is vulnerable and beautiful, and they're a pleasure to look at when they're together.

Issue 2

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 2 was published in September 1986 and contains 34 pages. Cover by by Kathy Lachenauer.
cover of issue #2 by Kathy Lachenauer
  • there are 13 LoCs
  • there are a number of proposed zines that never got off the ground: "First Case," "The San Diego Chronicles," "Crimebusters" (SS and multi)
  • the Underground Assignment was to comment on the photo in issue #1 -- "What is the situation and what are they saying?"
  • a fan writes of her initial preference and how it has changed to include the set:
    Originally, I liked AJ best because I have this "thing" for blond men, you know, but as this show progressed, I realized that, like Starsky & Hutch, one without the other is just half a character. Now this sounds like each character can't be a complete personality separately. I don't mean that. Maybe, though, being "one" emotionally is not a good thing, either...I'm not very good at describing this. Someone else will do it better, I know. In the meantime...they are like a set. Even Town described it in FACETS, when he asked Rick where his other half was and told him he looked lonely or incomplete, or whatever he said. You guys know. It's like Huggy's remarks to Starsky or Hutch. Their friends know, even if THEY don't. Seeing it from the outside.

  • a fan comments that :
    S&S fandom was present, if not in force, at ZebraCon in Chicago July 4th, in the form of [three names redacted], myself and a few other hardy souls who came to our S&S panel. This panel was sort of funny, as I didn't know I was doing. It wasn't until I got there and saw my name printed on the convention program, and didn't get to even talk to my co-panelists til after the panel had started. Also, there were three on the panel and 4 or 5 in the audience, but what the heck, it was fun. A few S&S episodes were shown at the Con, but as they only had Beta machines (boo, hiss, and no VHS), I couldn't show anybody the stuff I'd brought with me. We've been making S&S (and S/S) songtapes—but before y'all rush off letters to me asking for copies—gasp. Remember my niece, the one who just got Simonized? The one who sits up all night watching my tapes as I sleep, so that I was worried that she'd wear the machines and/or the tapes out? Well, I got home from work yesterday to find a tape stuck in my machine. Not just any tape mind you, but a tape of all the new S&S episodes I'd just cloned and hadn't watched that closely yet. GAH! Dead niece! Sick VCR! No more songtapes! AAAARGH! I'd put an ill VCR and a stuck tape right up there with a major death in the family." The editor interjects: "A double tragedy, what with the untimely death of your niece, and all...

  • a fan admits her interest in S/S, but only because of the reassurance from the editor about visibility and TPTB:
    Okay, I'm coming out of the closet. I figure if the rest of you can, so can I. I hadn't wanted to upset the apple cart of the studios, but since you assured us our words would remain for us alone...what the heck. I'm with you, Darlene, one step further—who can resist their charm as lovers? I hope, though, that this doesn't become "merely" a slash zine, only because I feel it has great potential to appeal to both sides of the fans. What do you think?? [For more on the subject of TPTB and visibility, see TPTB's Involvement and Interference.]

  • a fan feels the whole gen slash thing could find a middle ground:
    Spiritual, lovers...I love the idea... It's definitely fitting. I doubt anybody could disagree with that.

  • a fan, who writes in anonymously appears to be officially involved in the show somehow:
    I'd love to share stories like this with other fans. But, because of my "/" point of view, and because it could cause a lot of trouble for me on the set if my point of view became known—I'd feel more comfortable if I don't sign my name to my l/z letters. Yes, I read in Darlene's editorial that this will not be sent to anyone on the set. And, yes, I'm most likely being a little paranoid. [She/he says a her/his reading of "Grand Theft: Zoo Tram" [in either BASCon or Hanky Panky] led to interest in slash.]

  • another fan writes:
    As for S/S feelings... I just do not see the boys as lovers. But, of course, there is no reason they can't be bisexual. And all of you have your rights to your opinions. Besides, what fun would it be if we all felt the same?

  • a fan writes of her unhappiness of the characterization of later seasons:
    I've been a fan of SIMON & SIMON since its shaky start when the writers made them amigos, instead of buffoons. I miss the old camaraderie, closeness that has been abandoned for cheap laughs and utterly stupid plots.

  • a fan, and zined, writes a lengthy letter about how it isn't AJ who's the vulnerable one among the two, but that it is Rick, the how and way their deep love for each other is expressed, and how they aren't sexual partners:
    I don't think Rick and AJ are, or could be, lovers; the ladies DO figure rather predominantly in their adult lives. As lovers, I think the incestous nature of the relationship, as well as the homosexual, would be the stopping factor. But, as [B B] (SSI 01) said, it's "naughty and nice to think about those sinewy legs and all that blond skin together...", but I don't think Rick and AJ would buy into that scene. Besides - I'd want both of them for me! Now that's the stuff fantasy IS made of!!!!

  • a fan writes:
    I'm one of those people who see them as lovers, but I can understand the feelings of those that don't. To me, they are so complete, so special together, they seem to be all each other needs: best friend, partner, brother, parent and child—why not lover? Oh, they have a lot of other people that they care about—their mom. Town, Carlos for Rick, their assorted girlfriends (who always come and go)—but they always come first with each other. They also do seem rather possessive toward each other—look how Rick acted toward Janet while she and AJ were engaged (and it sure seemed as if the change in their relationship, them becoming friends, came about as a result of the engagement being broken and neither of them being a threat to the other any longer). He acted the same way with Liz (but, then, none of us liked her either). AJ, too, seemed to take a bit of pleasure out of breaking in on Rick and his girls (the tag of Recipe For Disaster, for example), and making fun of their IQ's, etc.

  • a fan comments, first addressing another:
    I wish you would specify what "things early in the show" led you to visualize Rick and AJ as lovers. As you know, I enjoy your "/" stories simply as alternative possibilities which are well-written and logically developed; but what, exactly, got you into this vision? I don't write / myself (the nearest I ever came was in "Nightmare" in ADULT SITUATIONS #1, which most of you have probably read, and if you haven't, I can run xeroxes of it—SASE for details), but I am, like Ann, a liberal person; I have nothing against other people writing it. I won't print it in my zines, because I have a rule not to print anything that couldn't be shown on the show itself, but I will read it if it comes my way in "private circulation , and I'll give my honest opinion of it as a reader.

Issue 3

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 3 was published in November 1986 and contains 62 pages. Cover by Ruth Kurz.
cover of issue #3 by Ruth Kurz
  • the Undercover Assignment is "What song do you feel best describes the guys' relationship? Please include the words if possible. And/or Given the information we got in Skull of Nostradamus (That the guys' souls have been entertwined throughout history), describe a relationship that proves this." Many fans respond and send in song lyrics, many of them from Lionel Richie, and many fans suggesting "Wind Beneath My WIngs," another fan suggests a song but then changes her mind saying the song is more a H/J song instead
  • there are 16 LoCs
  • there are a number of comments from fans about the new season and how they dislike that the boys don't live together anymore. One jokingly suggests that TPTB are reading this letterzine and see all the comments about them being practically married. Another suggests that the decision to have them get separate houses was because the show was after different, younger demographics. In any case, folks see it as an anti-fan service. Other fans are enjoying the new season a lot, citing the return of kinder banter, the loosening up of AJ, and the return of Richard the knowledgeable.
  • a fan comments that: The creator of the series said it once: "It's a show about brothers who happen to be detectives." This is something that echoes David Soul's widely quoted comment that Starsky & Hutch was "a love story about two men who happened to be cops."
  • fans see the boys as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, William Bonney and John Tunstall, a French scholar and his scrivener, Akheraton and Smenkhara, Alexander and Hephraistion, Romeo and Juliet..
  • a fan says she sent a script to TPTB and that it was returned unopened "due to staff cutbacks"
  • the editor has a new computer which she has named "Matt"
  • the editor assures her readers that this letterzine is underground:
    Yes, I'm sure the S&S people aren't getting SSI -- I'm still on the "outside", aren't I? We're not just talking copyright infringement here, but defamation of character, as well as some other illegalities too hideous to mention. Don't worry, though, if they ever do a "sweep", I'll eat the sub list and burn the extra copies of the zines!

  • a fan comments on those wanting to write to the letterzine anonymously:
    I don't mind an anonymous writer, understanding the various reasons why a person couldn't afford to have it known that they participated in this crazy fandom, much less a partly slash fandom. After all, The Hatstand Express uses a lot of code names and numbers for those who wish to remain under the cover of protective nom de plumes.

  • a fan writes about soulbonds:
    I think they have a psychic link, but I don't think it operates on the level of, say Kirk and Spock's bond. They can't call each other and chat without speaking, but when one cries out, the other senses it. They are very closely tied spirits.

Issue 4

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 4 was published January 1987 and contains 66 pages. Cover by Lynn Johnston.
cover of issue #4 by Lynn Johnston
  • there are 12 LoCs
  • the editor encourages
  • a fan writes of her dislike of the AJ in the new season, citing that the writers are making him look like a stupid jerk, that the show's continuity is suffering, and the show itself is becoming more of a comedy than anything
  • a fan talks about a Starsky & Hutch zine written in Hebrew that a friend bought her
  • a fan appreciates "Wind Beneath My Wings" as a S/S songvid possibility: "Yes, yes! I love "Wind Beneath My Wings". I heard it first in K/S, where it fit very well, but it applies equally well to R/AJ."
  • a fan has quite a reading library: "I figured out last week that I get nearly 20 newsletters/letterzines on a regular basis (no wonder I'm always broke) and S&SI is definitely one of my favorites."
  • this issue has a bit of short fiction as well as an extensive episode guide to the sixth seasona Letter Campaign but with stipulations:
    Regarding the various "campaigns" to keep S&S on the air: if you want your letter to do the most good, send it to the programming director at CBS [address included], as the fate of the show is entirely in the network's hands. Since I believe we may be sabotaging our own efforts with a kind of "overkill" I d like to suggest a new strategy for those who mav be interested. I'll go into more detail later in the zine... [She later suggests holding off and sending your letters all close to sweeps week. She also suggests something she has done, but admits is unethical: writing postcards and letters and using other peoples' names in phonebooks.] Use your creativity—use different colored inks, vary your handwriting — make a game of it, have FUN with it — especially delicious knowing you're "pulling one over" on a big corporation!

  • a fan disagrees that letters to the letterzine should be allowed to be anonymous:
    It's time to stand up and be counted. If the S&S team DID get a hold of this l/zine, surely they'd guess who you were from your LoC. Let your hair down and live a little. Rick and AJ as lovers is an alternate universe. No one is trying to convert over anyone to S/S.

  • fans are generally pleased with the increased level of violence in this season: it leads to lots of hurt/comfort, one fan writes:
    It seems this season could be subtitled "Let's Get AJ". The poor guy has been beaten up countless times, thrown down stairs--all kinds of mayhem done upon his body, not to mention running in a grueling marathon with badly bruised ribs—ouch! Have the writers gotten their hands on some fanzines lately?" Another fan writes: "I'm just loving the 6th season to death. AJ is a lot less bitchy and his teasing is much gentler and done with love. I think the quality of the stories is better, with some good mysteries.

  • a fan cautions and ponders:
    I wouldn't begrudge any S&S fan the visit the set and see JP and Mackie in person but you need to make a decision before you make the trip and that is: will it affect my appreciation of the show to find out that I'm not going to see Rick and AJ, but JP and Mackie instead? In other words, how will you feel if you suddenly find that you don't really like JP and Mackie but are only attracted to the characters they play? Talk about crossing your universes! It's so hard to get over and "AJ" as "Rick" as "different" people, which is what Mackie and JP are... a few weeks ago, I really started pondering this whole dilemma, and came to the startling conclusion that I am, indeed, a Rick and AJ fan, as opposed to a JP and Mackie fan, if only for the logical reasoning that I "know" Rick and AJ (God, after spending 5 1/2 years with them, we all know 'em now, right?!), while JP and Mackie are just a couple guys... Maybe I'm just more overly sensitive than the average fan—perhaps you could visit without having the least negative feeling. To me it was something like the feeling when you finally find out there isn't a Santa Claus. To me, Rick and AJ are two wonderful guys who live in a nice condo, and Mom has a nice house, and they spend their time trying to make the world a better place for the people they come into contact with--then you find out the houses are sound stages, and the guys are more interested in getting this episode "in the can" so they can go home and paint the garage... And JP doesn't really remember that he was supposed to have been born in 1949, only that his lines this week have him saying "I'm 34", or even if he does remember, he isn't going to press the issue because he's got three little kids and a mortgage and the show has been in the 50s and he wants to keep everything as smooth as possible on the set. Like I said last issue, it's all a tragic case of the real world crashing into our reel world. So, if you don't think this would affect your love of the show, and you can afford the time to try and visit, you have my encouragement and blessings, but if you like to keep believing in Santa Claus, stay home and watch the show, read some fan fiction, and lose yourself in the whole S&S universe, because, after all, that's where your heart really is, isn't it?...

Issue 5

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 5 was published in March 1987 and contains 78 pages. On the cover: "It Must Be Nice to Be Little" by Lynn Johnston, a pro-writer of comics.
cover of issue #5 by Lynn Johnston
  • there are 19 LoCs
  • this issue has a lot of fans discussing the characters and their motivations and backgrounds, particularly Jack Simon
  • another fan expresses her appreciation of the sixth series' increased amount of violence and blood: "|I do like it a little bloodier. So... I'm a sadist, or I like to imagine it is I who gets to comfort Rick, or AJ, or Rick and AJ. Let's just call it the instincts of a nurse."
  • a fan writes that she has just stared reading the letterzine: "I admit that I'm not particularly into "slash," in fact until I read SSI, I'd never even heard of the expression before! However, it is interesting to read everyone's ideas, thoughts, and fantasies, etc., etc.!"
  • the editor explains the frequent comic strips in the letterzine: "They're "For Better or Worse" by Lynn Johnston, an actual syndicated strip. I saw them ages ago and they were just to perfect to pass up! Since the youngest kid really is a little girl, they do require a little doctoring, but I think they fit Little Rick and AJ perfectly."
  • a number of fans report reading "The Persian Boy" by Mary Renault and this is one comment: "I highly recommend this book to everyone. If you love hurt/comfort, extremely romantic scenes, devoted love that lasts, you won't be disappointed."
  • the Discussion Topic is "Which Simon would you want to be stranded with on a desert island with?" -- on fan answers:
    Which Simon to have on a desert island, eh? Well, whichever one you pick, you'd end up with the other one, too, arriving eventually to rescue him, because nothing would keep these guys apart for long. Before I jump to the obvious choice (for me) of Rick, AJ has some pluses on his side. He's a terrific cook, and could probably think up ways of spicing up the basic coconut-fish-and-banana diet... That's assuming, of course, that there's something to eat and drink on this island, as the guestion was not "Which Simon would you want to slowly starve to death with?" Though, if food grew scarce, AJ has a lot more meat on him if one's thoughts turn to cannibalism. He is also very well educated and could probably carry on interesting conversations to pass the time.

  • a fan comments on another's caution in the previous issue:
    Ann and Darlene's tirade on that subject was very interesting, if slightly bitter. I know they're real people, that it's a job for them, that even if you go to Universal Studios, you won't see Rick and AJ — just two actors who bear an incredible resemblence to them. At least, Ann, you've been lucky enough to "hang around" and get to see what goes on.

  • Another fan comments on the same topic:
    I am a fan of JP's and Mackie's first, then I am a fan of AJ's and Rick's second... I have always felt there are four people we are dealing with here, and I like each one of these four people for different reasons. I agree with everything you said, but I always have and always will be able to handle the REAL world and the REEL world.

  • a fan with a plan:
    I have a suggestion for a new S&S episode quide -- the "definitive version"-, if everyone else wants to co-operate. I want to compile an episode guide entirely made up of everyone's comments about each episode...the best scenes, best R and AJ exchanges, favorite quotes, what we did (or didn't) like about the episode, and why, thinqs we may have learned from the episode, etc., etc., In fact, exactly like we do in SSI and DAE at the moment, but comments about each episode would be in one place for easy reference. So we could have a whole page of comments from as many people as possible just about one episode. Maybe someone else has already thought of doing this, or has even started compiling such a guide, I don't know. If so, I apologize, but please let me know so I can buy a copy or submit my episode comments.

  • an early acafan's comments:
    I'm doing my Master's thesis on the fanzine phenomenon. My appendix is going to be a list of Simon stories -- as complete as I can manage. Now, I own most of the media zines with the boys in them, but I know I'm missing Prime Time. I'd love a xerox of any stories, but if you can't do that, can somebody give me the info on it? Author, title, pages, any artist and art page numbers. Thanks! I also need info for Brothers 'N Blues (all issues). Please, help me out! I may well publish the list when I'm done, and I'd like it to be complete. Any info on obscure zines would help, too.

  • a fan explains her SS vision:
    ... how I feel about Rick and AJ's relationship? I do not feel that they are lovers. But I see them physically comforting each other in a way that might be interpreted as slashy. Of course, in alternate universes and past lives they could be lovers. I think their special brother-bonding is infinitely closer than any sexual encounter they could have. Contrary to popular belief, sex does not always bring people closer.

  • a fan expresses her love for this letterzine:
    I don't know if it's possible to coherently or comprehensively comment on all issues. For me, SSI has been a great way to catch up on everything I've missed, since I really didn't get hooked on S&S until last summer. One of the most gratifying and exciting things about reading SSI has been finding out that there are so many other people out there who are not only as enthusiastic about S&S as I've become, but that they also view Rick and AJ and their special relationship with as much keen interest and approval as I do. It's like being able to tap into a whole extended "family" of like-minded people. I know this is something you can find in any fandom; but I've never been in another fandom where EVERYONE has been so nice to me, and has been so tolerant of, shall we say, "deviations" of opinion! Whether you're a fan of straight SiS, S/S, or some combination of the two, everyone seems to accept your point-of-view. So SSI is not only a great source of information and inspiration to me, as a neophyte S&S fan, but it's been a great way for me to "meet" all these wonderful fellow fans, and find out just what their opinions and points of view are concerning San Diego's finest.

  • a Star Wars fan writes:
    If you're wondering why a woman who is obviously such an, ahem, intelligent person has taken all this tine to get into S&S fandom, blame it on the network!. No, seriously, because of ny work schedule, I was never able to watch the show BVCR (before VCR). I just got my VCR in September and so now, no flatter how often CBS hopscotches S&S all over the schedule, I can keep up with the guys! Since plunging headlong into this, thrusting myself gloriously into... ahem! Since getting so enthusiastically into S&S fandom, I've found that a lot of my old SW fandom pals were either closet S&S fans all along, or have just recently been infected as virulently as I have been. So, what goes around, comes around!

Issue 6

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 6 was published in May 1987 and contains 86 pages. Cover and cartoons by Lynn Johnston.
cover of issue #6 by Lynn Johnston
  • there are 17 LoCs
  • the big news is that the show would be back for a (reduced) seventh season, some regular minor characters would not be back
  • this issue has a con report for 4-Play, see that page
  • another fan has an idea for a S&S Co-op, see that page
  • a fan writes: "Try as I might, I just can't imagine Rick and AJ as lovers. Rick and AJ love each other very much, but there are all kinds of love... Besides, it would ruin my fantasies about Rick!"
  • a fan is unhappy with a fanfic trend she sees: "I can t say I like the trend some of the more recent S&S fiction is taking along the likes of a weak, meek AJ. However...this is only my opinion of him. I don't mean for this to sound nasty or angry or anything, okay? Just fervent!!"
  • a fan, [B B], mentions the Starsky & Hutch zine she's creating: "I've returned to some unfinished business of mine, a S/H zine I've been working on sporadically for two years and WILL finish before the big SH/Pros con in October. I can't come back to S&S until it's completed and in print." [1]
  • the Discussion Topic is "What stories and zines would you recommend to a neo-fan?" One fan comments:
    I don't think I'd recommend S/S to a neofan right off. Maybe send her to subscribe to SSI [this letterzine] and then she can form her own conclusions? It's a subject that has to be approached carefully, so as not to offend/freak out/scare away. (Although when I mentioned S/S to a S/H fan, her interest perked up for the first time, so I guess it works both ways.) I'd definitely recommend the collected works of Rowena Warner and Christine Jeffords stories/poems. It's too bad that S&S mostly comes out in media zines, because it's annoying for people to pay big bucks to read only a couple stories that are to their interest. Ann Leonhart's new novel Fate's Final Irony is excellent, as was her zine, Who Rides for Justice? There are a lot of good writers in this fandom.

  • Another fan hints at the amount of drawerfic out there and gives her opinion on slash:
    I'd probably have to tell a neophyte that some of the best fic I've read hasn't been published yet! S/S? Uhm, I'd have to pass on that. I'm strictly a believer of S&S--though I have perused lots of "/", though not in the Simon & Simon fandom. ..well, except one, which I didn't realize was...and which managed not to curl my toes!

  • a fan explains a scene in the movie "American Justice" and tells others there was no brush of fingers on lips between two men:
    Okay you guys who "saw" Joe brush his fingers over Dave's lips in that touching but messy scene in the abandoned hotel, forget it. It didn't happen. I looked at the scene several times. What he does (Joe, that is) is take Dave's face by the chin and turn his face around, or over... and he says something like "Oh, no!", then he lets Dave's head roll back, while still hanging on to his chin, but no finger/lip brushing. Sorry. I can see it now. We will have a controversy like the one in Starsky & Hutch where everyone fought over where Hutch kissed Starsky in the alley.

  • a fan offers other some assistance:
    S/S WRITERS: want to do research, but are too embarrassed to go into your local gay video store to rent a movie, or have no local outlet? I have three gay porno movies cloned on a single tape which I will clone for a flat fee of $10 (postage included). Titles include "Brothers Should Do It," "First Times" (be forewarned, this segment is in bad condition), and "Strange Places, Strange Things". XXX rated hard core gay porno films. Age statement required, domestic mailings only. (Complete confidentiality maintained.)

Issue 7

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 7 published in August 1987 and is 78 pages long. Cover and cartoons by Lynn Johnston.
cover of issue #7
  • the Undercover Assignment is "What are your least favorite 10 episodes" and/or "What are the top 5 worst and best character traits that Rick and AJ have?"
  • there are 16 LoCs
  • a fan suggest that this letterzine do zine reviews: "Not a professional type review but maybe just various readers describing how they liked a zine or didn't and why. Or particular stories if not whole zines. Where else can we get info on S&S zines if besides here?"
  • a fan is getting pickier about her reading: "Anyway. I do like most of the S&S fiction that is produced. I tend to devour it (almost literally!) ... but I am becoming more selective."
  • a fan remarks that she "picked up" Courts of Honor at 4-Play: "I thought CoH was tremendous and am diligently searching for the original novella it sequelized, "The Price."
  • a fan recalls something from recent MediaWest: "I cracked up reading your ice-breaker statement at MediaWest's S&S panel. They really refused to discuss slash?"
  • at least one fan is proud of fannish creations and wants to share:
    I think the idea of a second SSI issue without the slash 
references is a good one. Do you have time for this? But I think that the show needs to know about ALL its supporters. Some of us are in both SSI and DAE, which should be of interest to the producers... that some fans are in TWO letterzines for one series. Maybe a copy or two should go to CBS chiefs?? Do you know if anyone has sent any of the fanzines to the series people? Not as a script suggestion, just so they can see what has been inspired by this series.

  • a fan comments on the "church lady" incident at 4-Play (for more on this, see that page): '
    We DID have fun at the Con didn't we! I didn't know anything about that bit where two of the Baptist retreat ladies got on our bus. How did you find that out? Maybe they WEREN'T shocked. Maybe they thought it was interesting but didn t want anyone lo recognize that they were there. Seems like they would have left a lot sooner. I Should ask my friend Cathy about that (Cathy is a girl I work with and imagine my surprise when I ran into her in the hotel lobby). I thought maybe she was a closet slash fan that I'd never known about but she turned out to be with the con next door.... One thing that surprised me was how many people took the 10pm bus back to the hotel rather than staying for the rest of the show which let out about midnight or earlier.

  • fans are beginning to complain about the AJ in fanfic:
    I hate this tendency to make AJ weak too. It's geting so bad that it's even been mentioned in a "Riptide" letterzine (and by someone who doesn't like "Simon & Simon"!). I've been watching a lot of episodes lately, mainly because my friend [name redacted] has got hooked on the show, and I've been cloning/showing her episodes. The AJ on the screen is almost a different person from the one I've been reading about lately. Of course, he's the younger brother, and there would have been limes when he looked to Rick to protect him, but he only does it now when he needs protection, and expects to offer that same protection to Rick. There's no way that such a weak, ineffectual detective as the fan fiction AJ would have survived as a detective. If he expected Rick to protect him from everything, he'd have been killed long ago by some third rate criminal with a gun. That's not to say that all the fan fiction is like that, of course, but rather too much of it has been lately. Come on. guys. How about a story where Rick is hurt and AJ has to be the protective one? [usi one little story. Is that too much to ask?

  • a fan on involving TPTB with this letterzine:
    Yes. I heartily approve of a cleaned-up, "generic" issue of SSI going to the Simon offices. Especially with our insightful topics. I'd like them to know what we think! Definitely! [2]

  • Another fan remarks:
    I don't think SSI is all that slashy. I really don't think we need to make two versions. That could end up being too expensive. Especially if we all want io read it. too And I don't I see why anyone would or should be emharassed about what gets printed in SSI. It doesn't bother me that the boys, J P and Mackie and the production staff read it. What we write is just opinion. IF they don't like it, then let them join in with us and send in their locs. Most of us would like to know how they feel about things anyway. Just as long as they don't get terribly upset with us, I don't see what difference it makes.

  • another fan weighs in on the idea of sending a "cleaned up" version of this letterzine to TPTB:
    About 2 copies of SSI? I don't mind as long as we don't have to pay more for our copy. Do the offices or stars care about what we have to say? JP says zines make him nervous, and Mackie never did respond to a questionnaire in another Zine. What do you think. Dariene?" The editor responds: "Well, speaking from what little experience I have. I've yet to go to either Universal or Cannel (when [C S] and I were doing Now Yer Cookin') and not regret not having more copies of the letterzines with me. Not only are the producers, writers and stars interested but so are the crew folks. JP said they make him nervous but he still enjoys reading them, and Mackie failed to respond to the questionnaire (this from Pat) because after a couple very serious run-ins with some maladjusted fans. Mackie doesn't respond to any fan mail.

  • about two versions of the letterzine:
    I like the idea of two versions of SSI. It might be difficult though. Sometimes ideas become so mixed together that separating them might change thoughts. But if you can do it, great. I would love Mackie and JP and everyone connected with the show to read our Iocs and to know that we care and take their work seriously. But I don't really want them to read the slashy parts because I'm afraid Mackie and JP will say that they'd better not touch one another even in friendship or look at one another longingly like they do. etc. Just be sure to send me the slashy version, please!

  • the editor makes a decision about the second version of the letterzine:
    Seems pretty unanimous that most of you would like to see two issues of SSI, one for us and one for the offices. Ann is willing to put the second issue together after I do the deleting. Yes. I would delete out all slashy material, as it is my policy not to send slash to anyone who does not specifically ask for it and this is no different. However, other adult material will remain in--such as I think JP has a beautiful heiney. Sorry, for those who asked, this revised issue will NOT be available to subbers as it would get too difficult to keep subscriptions straight. if some people wanted version 1 and others wanted version 2. Again I reiterate: if the S/S aspect of the Ietterzine bothers you, perhaps you should reconsider whether this is the zine for you. Also, version 2 would come out long after the first version. No. this will not be cause for an increase in sub rates--I'll lake care of the cost of these myself, as I think SSI is a great zine and that we've covered some important material that I would like the powers that be to read.

Issue 8

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 8 was published in 1987 and contains 98 pages.
  • the Discussion Topic is "What is this mysterious thing called 'Simonized -- why is Simon & Simon such an important part of your life?" and "Do you think Rick and AJ want kids? Would they make good fathers?"

Issue 9

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 9 was published in 1987 and contains 82 pages.

Issue 10/11

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 10/11 was published in 1988 and contains 120 pages.

Issue 12

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 12 was published in 1988 and contains 82 pages.

Issue 13

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 13 was published in 1988 and contains 98 pages.

Issue 14

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 14 was published in 1989 and contains 98 pages.

Issue 15

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 15 was published in 1989 and contains 98 pages.

Issue 16

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 16 was published in August 1989 and contains 82 pages.

Issue 17

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 18 was published in 1990 and contains 78 pages.

Issue 18

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 17 was published in 1990 and contains 74 pages.

Issue 19

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 19 was published in 1990 and contains 46 pages.

Issue 20

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 20

Issue 21

  • Simon & Simon Investigations 21 was published in Feb 1991 and contains 39 pages.


  1. ^ It appears this zine was never completed.
  2. ^ Uh, you probably don't; see examples at TPTB's Involvement and Interference