Adult Situations

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Title: Adult Situations
Publisher: Markalaine Press
Date(s): 1986-1994
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: slash and het
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Adult Situations is a slash and explicit het multifandom anthology.

It is "the adult companion," a sister zine to Everything But the Kitchen Sink.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Adult Situations 1 was published in January 1986 and contains 189 pages. It has art by TACS, Pat Cash, Karen S. Eaton, and Ruth Kurz .

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[The Unexpected Choice]: As a public service to all "/" fans, I present here a list of the TEN WORST MARY SUE STORIES IN PRO'S FANDOM, AND HOW YOU CAN AVOID THEM. I'm not listing the author's names, though... in most case they've all ready done that themselves, and I can't see compounding the guilt. So, without further ado: [...]Two "American birds" get involved with B&D. The women are cartoon cut-out stereotypes. You can't care what happens to either of them. [...] [1]

[zine]: Okay, this fanzine is one with 'adult' style stories for mature readers. However, the only really good story is 'Nightmare' by Christine Jeffords. This author had avery good grasp of character and

writes very well.

'The Unexpected Choice' features Bodie &Doyle being helped by two friends -very acceptable young ladies. A change from only one in the partnership getting the girl.

I did not like the other stories featured here mainly as the situations suggested seemed a little unreal. And the "A Team" story is completely missing from this issue. Bad collating reflects on tthe editors most unfavourably. If the team decides to produce asecond issue, I do hope the standard improves. [2]

Issue 2

Adult Situations 2 was published in January 1987 and has 154 pages. The editors were Mary Jo B., Karen S. E., and J. E. W. with associate editor Tim B. Art by Jean C., TACS and Ruth Kurz. It contained ads for Bernay's Cafe, Who Rides for Justice?, Back-To-Back, McCormick, Take Two, and the (then) proposed zines My Vice, I Did a No-No a Few Years Ago, and Who Says Truth is Stranger Than Fiction?

cover of issue #2

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

See reactions and reviews for Paid in Full.

See reactions and reviews for Family Matters.

Issue 3

Adult Situations 3 was published in 1988 and contains 120 pages. Art by Ruth Kurz and Anonymous. It contained ads for Mach-1 Plus, Mach-1 Plus 2, Airwolf Episode Guide (all by the same editor), Subject: Airwolf 10, Gallery 1, Subject: Adventure 1 (by the same editor), Tuesday Night, Steele Files 2, Steele, Would You Be Me Darlin'? (by Margaret Basta), and The Pilot's Prayer.

cover of issue #3
  • It'll be Our Little Secret by L. Wrice (Airwolf) (1)
  • The Ultimate Nightmare by Jatona P. Walker ("Kirk is kept in the dark about something Spock feels he needs to find out on his own.") (Star Trek (TOS)) (13)
  • T.P. by Jatona P. Walker (Amanda leads the crew in ʻredecoratingʼ Sarekʼs ancestral home.) (Star Trek (TOS) (13)
  • Knight Heat by Teresa Sarick (Wizards & Warriors) (16)
  • Pleasure Purchase by Lily Fulford & Cath A. Rien (The Professionals) (17)
  • Night by Jane of Australia (The Professionals) (27)
  • On Hold by Lily Fulford (The Professionals) (31)
  • Kidnapped by Sue-Anne Hartwick (The Professionals) (33)
  • Celtic Frost by Rachel Duncan (The Professionals) (34)
  • Without You by Sue-Anne Hartwick (The Professionals) (36)
  • Adieu, Dark Knight by David Gordon (Batman) (37)
  • Night of the Fine Wine by Debra Hicks (Wild Wild West) (57)
  • Spectres of Dark and Light by Barb Lewis (Sonny/Castillo, Miami Vice) (reprinted in Vice Dreams) (59)
  • Shadows in the Rain by Quale (Blake's 7) (also in The Other Side #6) (72)

Issue 4

Adult Situations 4 was published in 1990 and has 150 pages. Art by Pat Cash.

cover of issue #4
  • The Night of the Night by Meg Carruthers (Wild Wild West) (Jim/Artie) (1)
  • In a Different Reality by Debra Hicks (Wizards & Warriors) (Erik/Dirk) (26)
  • My Wild Heart by Rachel Duncan (The Professionals) (32)
  • Dancing in a Whirlpool by Debra Hicks (Lethal Weapon 2/The Professionals) (Bodie/Riggs) (33)
  • Aries/Virgo by Constance Collins (Starsky and Hutch) (Starsky/Hutch) (39)
  • Candle in the Wind by Jean Chabot (Starsky and Hutch) (58)
  • Break in the Storm by Atira Kei (Miami Vice) (Rico/Castillo) (60)
  • Whispers in the Night by L. Wrice (Airwolf) (Hawke/Michael) (64)
  • Reunion by Carol Lance (Star Trek (TOS)) (70)
  • Party Girl by Rita Ractcliffe ("What happens when Velley Girl, yuppie Non-Comm. officer meets the A-Team!") (The A-Team) (71)
  • The Vacation by Jackie Edwards (Knight Rider) (Devon/Bonnie) (76)
  • Jade Almonds by Sue-Anne Hartwick (The Professionals) (94)
  • Rebirth by Karen S. Eaton (Robin of Sherwood) (Grey/Phillip) (95)
  • Blueberry Eyes by Sue-Anne Hartwick (The Professionals) (103)
  • Cost of Redemption by Debra Hicks (Robin of Sherwood) (Grey/Phillip) (104)
  • Trilogy by Robbie Sturm (Miami Vice) (Rico/Sonny) (108)
  • Lovers and Friends by Linda Knights (V: The Series) (Kyle/Tyler) (111)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

[Aries/Virgo]: You know how you can read about traits that exist under your birth sign? Well, this takes the traits of Starsky (Aries) and Hutch (Virgo) and sees how closely they match. The weaving of astrology and personality makes this an enjoyable read. Starsky's cooking mannerisms remind me of my own. Their signs match, their personalities mesh, and they make a great team.[3]

[Dancing in a Whirlpool]: The best LW story I ever read was in an Adult Situations, I can't remember the number. It was a LW x Pros, (with Mel Gibson's character and Bodie) by Debra Hicks. Totally non-explicit, but wonderfully drawn characters. I can't remember which issue, but it was the best story in the all 4 zines. [4]

Issue 5

Adult Situations 5 was published in May 1992 and contains 134 pages.

cover of issue #5
flyer for issue #5: "ADULT SITUATIONS is now reduced $2.00 in price to facilitate quick sales... How's that for helping with the lousy economy? We hope ya'll appreciate our little sacrifice for fandom: Clintonomics doesn't look like it's any better than Reagonomics/Bushonomics. It still hurts!!! We appreciate your loyalty to our zines, and really hope to serve you. And we thank you for your support (yes, Bartles & Jamyes work for us now - life is hard on Social Security.)"

It contains ads for Safehouse, Dyad 11, a proposed fifth case file of The Eyes Have It!, Bring Me the Head of Frisky Business, The Wrath of Frisky Business, and The Day the Friskys Stood Still.

It opens with editors' notes mentioning the hiatus between zines and some enduring fandom woes like a lack of feedback:

Yes, it's been a while since we've issued Adult Situations. Two years to the day, if we've kept our calendar straight, since we printed an adult zine for y'all. It's not because of a lack of submissions, it's because of lack of money, family problems, ill health, lack of time - Sheesh! We sound like a broken record. Unfortunately, real life does intrude on fandom, usually to the detriment of fandom. People drop out, drift away, lose interest - and we are all the poorer for their loss. Hang in there, fen; we're gonna keep trying to bring you quality zines as long as we can, despite the Post Awful, the Government, or our jobs.

Another thing (God, don't you hate...) we've noticed is the lack of letters of comment on zines in general. Come on, people; how can we encourage new writers, artists, and poets without your help? These folk need criticism, aid, praise - whatever you want to call it, it's necessary to the creative life of all artists. If you don't want your name on the letter, we won't tell them anything more than initials and state or country of origin. OK? The soapbox is now closed!

  • Something More by Tropical Paradise (Hawaii 5-0) (1)
  • Private Lessons, Secret Places by Merlin (Robin of Sherwood) (19)
  • What Price Honor? by Debra Hicks (The A-Team) (23)
  • Songs of Innocence I/Songs of Experience I by Rachel Duncan (Blake's 7) (34)
  • An Unusual Place of Business by Velvet Shadow (Miami Vice) (35)
  • When Yin and Yang Meet by Velvet Shadow (Miami Vice) (46)
  • Moonlight by Windy (War of the Worlds) (48)
  • A Private Episode by Natasha Barry (Thirtysomething) (55)
  • Songs of Innocence II/Songs of Experience II by Rachel Duncan (Blake's 7) (66)
  • Free Fallin'...Safe Landing by Rosemary C (Miami Vice) (67)
  • Young Love by Robyn LaSalle (reprinted in Interludes #3) (Young Guns) (94)
  • First Step by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Lethal Weapon) (105)
  • Kegels and Locks by Al Chenoweth (The Professionals) (109)
  • Lovesong by Jackie Edwards (Mancuso FBI) (112)

Issue 6

cover of issue 6

Adult Situations 6 was published in 1994 and contains 118 pages

  • Tiny Bubbles by Windy (War of the Worlds) (1)
  • Absolution by Meg Carruthers (Dark Justice) (8)
  • Echoes by TLC (Man from U.N.C.L.E) (20)
  • Under the Stars by Khylara (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (23)
  • Old Wine Like Memories by Debra Hicks (Wizards & Warriors) (24)
  • Writer's Block by Al Chenoweth (The Professionals) (51)
  • As You Sleep by Khylara (Miami Vice) (54)
  • Ironhorse by Windy (War of the Worlds) (55)
  • A Beginning by Tropical Paradise (Hawaii 5-0) (87)
  • From the Dark Sea by Debra Hicks (Wizards & Warriors) (93)


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