Mach-1 Plus

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Title: Mach-1 Plus
Publisher: Manifold Press
Editor(s): Gaylen Reiss
Date(s): 1986-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: mostly Airwolf, see below
Language: English
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Mach-1 Plus is a gen Airwolf anthology of fiction and non-fiction. The sixth issue contains much MacGyver and some non-fiction Star Trek:TOS.

Issue 1

Mach-1 Plus 1 was published in 1986 (second printing May 1987) and contains 172 pages. Art by Lee Moyer, Gaylen Reiss (front cover), Thena MacArthur, Colleen Winters and JoLynn Horvath.

front cover of issue #1, Gaylen Reiss
back cover of issue #1, Gaylen Reiss
  • Preflight (2)
  • Haiku for the Hawke (6)
  • Of a Feather (7)
  • Gabrielle (102)
  • No Simple Matter (104)
  • Airwolf Comes East: The Story (Genesis) (126)
  • Airwolf Comes East: The Consequences (Revelations)
  • Gaylen's Rules for Safe Air Travel (158)
  • Aviation Glossary (161)
  • You are receiving this 'zine because (172)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

A tremendously fun zine to read; I found the first story "Of a Feather" such a good one that I'd like to see it made into an episode for the series. The firm is training six pilots on an Airwolf simulator, one of whom is a woman and who has been sponsored by Michael. Dana is kidnapped and put through interrogation for information on Airwolf. When she is recovered by the Firm, she has amnesia and no recollection of what happened the week she was held nor does she remember how to fly. Michael and Marella bring Dana to Hawk's cabin as a last resort to see if he can help. Hawk is attracted to Dana and trys to help her relax from the Firm's attempts to restore her memory. While trying to trace what happened to Dana, Airwolf is fired on and damaged, injuring Hawk and Dom. Dana, under combat, recovers her memory and helps get the Lady back to the air. A glossary in the back explains terminolgy in the zine. "Airwolf Comes East" is hysterically funny. I wish it were me up there in Airwolf. A super zine. [1]

Issue 2

Mach-1 Plus 2 was published in 1987, contains 124 pages and 7 H/C stories. "Professional photocopy from laser-printer originals. Leatherette covers."

cover of issue #2
  • Trial by Fire by Doranna Shiner
  • Partners by Gaylen Reiss
  • Groundwork by Gaylen Reiss
  • Living a Madrigal by Gaylen Reiss
  • Airwolf Returns West by Gaylen Reiss
  • Airwolf trivia analysis by Gaylen Reiss
  • "Not an Episode Guide" by Gaylen Reiss
  • humor, art and poetry by Gaylen Reiss

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

I've been waiting for this zine, and I found it to follow the same standards of excellence as the first issue. The artwork is outstanding and scenes from the episodes have been frozen and picked up through some computer graphics and then set into the stories. they are extremely well-done and really add to the zine. The stories include more of Dana Barkely, first introduced in ' Off a Feather,' a story in the first issue. In 'Trial by Fire,' Le Van Hawke (Half Pine) is visiting String at the cabin when a strange helicopter attempts to land. Something goes wrong with the landing and it blows up, killing Le and and injuring String and Tet. String calls for help and when Dom, Cait, and Michael arrive, String takes them off into the woods, running away from the shock of Le's death and the supposed death of Tet. When String finally comes back to the cabin, he is still in shock, but Tet's survival penetrates his cocoon of grief. He identifies the craft that went down, and Michael goes into action to get information. A group of mercenaries is identified and String, Cait and Dom go undercover to get them. 'Partners' is about an emergency call to go pick up an Russian defector in Mexico. String and Dom pick up Michael and Marella and head down. The defector is uncertain about defecting and String gives him 15 minutes then he's leaving. Airwolf picks up a message from Dana, who is NOT supposed to be in the area. She passes on the message that she is being followed, and Airwolf takes off. Airwolf destroys the three ships, but Dana's copter is damaged, and she crash lands, getting out before the craft blows. In 'Groundwork,' Dana and String fly a movie sequence from Dom and then go off to the cabin. Dana is still suffering from the effects of her torture six months earlier, and String gently helps her again. I really ached for both of them as they are both trapped by events and people and hope that one day they will both overcome their fears and get together. 'Living a Madrigal' is Dana's attempt to get Marella out of a jam. She receives a message for help and is stymied by the Firm in her attempt to find out what happened. Dana calls in String, Dom, and Cait, and they plunge into the rescue. The scenario isn't exactly what they had expected but they get Marella out and their mission is completed. The 'Airwolf Returns West' story was completed with a little twist. For those not familiar with the previous story, The authors wrote themselves into the story. Even though this is a 'Mary Sue' story, it is definitely worth reading as it is extremely well-written. I'll trade places with either of them any day! This zine is outstanding and one that Airwolf fans will really enjoy. A lot of time and effort has been spent on characterizations and the stories are outstanding, as is the artwork. I hope that there will be a third issue! [2]
In the second edition of this Airwolf fanzine, we find several changes since we last saw MACH-l PLUS and most of them are for the better. Ms. Gaylen Reiss knows her Airwolf and it shows. In this 124 page zine, we find several stories, all of which are very well written. In Doranna Shiner's, 'Trial By Fire,' we find a touching story of yet another loss for Stringfellow Hawke and how he overcomes it. Really great work! The rest of the stories are by Gaylen Reiss, the editor. 'Silent Partners', involved a Russian attempting to defect to the U. S. and only Airwolf can get him out. This was a fun story and I loved the characterization of the little Russian clerk. When Hawke has to fight his way out of Mexico, where he's picked up the clerk, he used the full capabilities of the super-chopper and the Russians reactions are great. Next up, 'Airwork-Groundwork', is a nice piece without a single shot of the Lady and the story didn't really need the drug runners tacked on at the end, but works well anyhow. 'Living A Madrigal', is a good rescue story, with the team getting Marella out of the frying pan. Next are a few short pieces with the editor and her good friend, JoLynn Harvath, becoming friends of Hawke and Santini threw a series of things. A little stretching it here, but fun none-the-less. The layouts, art,computerized printo·uts of actual scenes, and 'Not-an-Episode-Guide', are all top- notch, however the zine has one flaw, not fatal mind you, but a flaw in my opinion. The character of Dana Barkly, first seen in the WONDERFUL 'Of A Feather', which served as the center-piece for MACH-l PLUS, is back, in all three of Ms. Reiss's stories dealing with only the Airwolf gang. Now don't get me wrong, Dana is a good character for Hawke and I enjoy her quite a bit, but in these three stories, I couldn't shake the feeling of a Mary Sue trying to slip in on us unsuspecting readers. I had no such problem in her first appearance in MACH-l PLUS. Dana, as stated earlier, is a great character, but one that should be used in a way that keeps us wishing for more, not in a way like was used this time that makes us want to pick up a hand-held SAM missile launcher and knock her out of the sky. The zine is beautiful and any Airwolf fan will gladly wave a triple dose of Dana, in favor for the great characterizations of Hawke, Don), and Archangel. The pains that went into making them so very true to the original more than make up for my problems with Dana. The way the writers handle the 'Dig Guy', Airwolf, is to be commended. The plots of all four major tales are sound and believable. BOTTOM ·LINE: If you love the original series, this action-packed, character-filled, fanzine is for you! [3]

Issue 3

Mach-1 Plus 3 was published in 1988 and contains 124 pages. It has a dozen stories covering The Beginning, The Missions, The Humor, The Dog, and The Dana Series. Authors include Horvath, Jan Lindner, Gaylen Reiss, Shiner.

cover of issue #3
  • Redemption (a Michael story)
  • How to Fly a Helicopter
  • Wolfpack
  • Howling Made
  • The Airwolf Simulator Trials
  • Knife-Edge
  • other unknown content

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

MACH- 1 PLUS 3 continues the high standard of Airwolf stories by Gaylen Reiss and her contributors. The artwork is excellent, as always with both computer and original artwork. For me, the stories were all good but the ones that stand out are the Dana series stories, Dark Omen, Bright Shadow by Gaylen Reiss, Triptych by Jan Linder, and Redemption by JoLynn Horvath. In Triptych we see String and his dealings with Moffet. String reluctantly agreed to join Moffet and the Airwolf crew to celebrato flying Airwolf past Mach 1 and he realizes he should have known better than to go with Moffet as they enter a high-roller's whorehouse. String attempts to slip out quietly but overhears a young girl protesting against going on stage because Moffet had hurt her before. He sighs irritatedly as he goes to help the girl, intending to go up to the room, pay her to be quiet and then leave. Moffet challenges him for the girl. String tells Moffet what he can do with that and Moffet threatens to pull him off the team. String's reply is that he's off when Michael says he' s off. He and the girl walk away and String later goes to Archangel demanding to know why he's letting a psycho head a top secret program. Archangel's reply is that they are aware of Moffet's "problems" and are watching hem because they need him on the project. String's disgusted answer is to resign which sets the stage for the beginning of the Airwolf series. Redemption deals with the aftermath of the fallen Angel episode. As we know, Archangel was programmed to kill Zeus and the Committee and String prevented this by loading the gun with blanks. Zeus leaves Michael's section on freeze until he undergoes deep probe to see if he has compromised any of the Firm's agents or information. Deep probe is especially dangerous for high level agents in the Firm and Michael is uneasily aware of that although he is determined to go through with it because he wants to be sure he hasn't given out any information. He almost dies because he has conditioned himself to go into convulsions when interrogated. He is cleared but he is determined to go back to get samples of the drug and perform his own personal redemption. Dark Omen, Bright Shadow begins with the arrival of a glass wolf with wings, a clear sign of someone who knows of Airwolf, but who will not identify him .,,- herself. Michael takes it and runs it through his labs but the figurine is clean. Hawke the calls Meg Reversen (Fortuneteller episode) and she connects it to computers and Michael. String asks if she isn' t getting an impression of Michael since he'd just had the figurine but he replies no to that. A few weeks later, String receives a telegram giving him coordinates to meet the winged wolf and to bring Michael. Michael thinks it's a trap but he and Hawke go anyway. The only one at the meeting place is a woman, a woman from Archangel's past. String listens in on their conversation and learns of a bittersweet memory and ties. As always, the Dana stories are a treat to read. the first is about Dana's training in the Airwolf simulator and the second deals with String' s withdrawal who can get close enough to him after Dom and Caitlain failed to get through to him and it is a very rough time for them but they do manage it. An excellent pair of stories! [4]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Mach-1 Plus 4 contains 76 pages. It was published in 1989 and contains six stories.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

I hope Hawke stocked up on Kleenex -- The Dana series denoument is here. In another story, Hawke finally communicates with St. John. And, in a Hawke-and-Caitlin adventure, Cait chips away at the wall Hawke has built around himself, but when the mission goes sour, escape may mean that one must leave the other behind. PLUS, test your knowledge of helicopters and aerial combat. Cartoons, and a new version of digitized illos that will knock your socks off. Plus slightly smaller type means more good stuff in less space. And no increase in price![5]

Issue 5

Mach-1 Plus 5 was published in 1991 and contains 62 pages.

Issue 6

front cover of issue #6
back cover of issue #6
Mach-1 Plus 6 was published in May 1992 and contains 76 pages. The art is by Doranna Durgin.

From an ad in GAZ v.6 n.1: "The latest issue (5/92) of this AIRWOLF zine features a lengthy AIRWOLF-MACGYVER cross by Doranna Durgin. an unusual AIRWOLF-American Sign language story with a hint of QUANTUM LEAP by Gaylen Reiss. and one fan's reminiscence of fandom through the years."


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