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You may be looking for the fiction zine Generic Zine.

Title: Generic Ad Zine
Publisher: Revelcon Press
Editor(s): some combination of Jennifer Payne (later Jennifer Herbert), Erika Frensley & Sue Wells, Mysti Frank. In July 1993, the zine was published by Candace Pulleine & Carolyn O'Neal.
Date(s): 1988-1997
Frequency: first quarterly, then three times a year
Medium: print, adzine
Fandom: multimedia
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GAZ or Generic Ad Zine was a small, stapled, no-frills adzine zine available by subscription. it listed zines available with a small blurb. Also included "Want ads" with requests for finding zines, source material, and information.

flyer from 1996
undated flyer
another flyer

Originally published quarterly, it appears to have gone to a every three months schedule at some point.

In 1990, and perhaps earlier, Star Trek zines were available in a supplement that was available for 45 cents.

The British sister zine, which the editor of GAZ was the American distributor for beginning in 1990, called Adzine.

Many of the covers of "GAZ" were illoed by Laurie Keeper.

In 1991, the editor apologized for the lateness and sometimes disorganization, pointing out that the zine had been growing by leaps and bounds and getting harder to handle. She also said: "Since some of you depend on this for a shopping list at Media West, you probably pick this issue up there. When you get home, pass it along to a friend with my complements."

Founders and Creators

The zine was produced by some combination of Jennifer Payne (later Jennifer Herbert), Erika Frensley, Sue Wells, and Mysti Frank [1]

In July 1993, the zine was published by Candace Pulleine & Carolyn O'Neal.


From its publisher:
Did they cancel your favorite TV show? Put that new show you liked on hiatus? Not do a sequel for that terrific movie? Well, you can still enjoy a certain fanzines. But where to find (or advertise) those zines? Why GAZ of course! GAZ (generic ad zine), FanQ, Stiffie, and Tejas Award Winner. GAZ's major goal is to provide its subscribers with as complete a list of fandoms, editors, and publishers as possible. As long as a fan can find an address, they can SASE for additional information on a specific zine or ask if the editor has any others. Features alphabetical listings of zines by fandom. Free line ads for zines, cons, and clubs. Free classifieds to subscribers. Publication dates: April, August, and December. Ad deadlines: 1st of previous month.


  • Fan Q, 1994 and 1995 (winner), 1994 (honorable mention, due to no competition)
  • STIFFIE, 1995 (winner)
  • TEJAS, 1994 (winner)


V.1 N.1


V.1 N.2


V.1 N.3


V.1 N.4


V.2 N.1

1989 has a gray cover. It was compiled by Jennifer Payne.

V.2 N.2

1989 has a gray cover. It was compiled by Jennifer Payne.

V.2 N.3

1989 has a gray cover. It was compiled by Jennifer Payne.

V.2 N.4

1989 has a gray cover. It was compiled by Jennifer Payne.

V.3 N.1

Generic Ad Zine v.3 n.1 was published in spring 1990 and contains 44 pages. It was compiled by Jennifer (now Herbert).

V.3 N.2

1990 has a lavender cover

V.3 N.3

1990 has a lavender cover

V.3 N.4

Generic Ad Zine v.3 n.4 was published in Jan/Mar 1991.

V.4 N.1

Generic Ad Zine v.4 n.1 was published April/May/June 1991 and contains 50 pages. Included was a separate 20-page Star Trek supplement.

V.4 N.2

Generic Ad Zine v.4 n.2 was published July/August/Sept 1991 and contains 56 pages.

The zine is called "v.4 n.2" in the inside, but it says "v.4 n.3/4" on the cover.

V.4 N.3

GAZ v.4 n.3 was published in 1991.

V.4 N.4

GAZ v.4 n.4 was published in 1992.

V.5 N.1

Generic Ad Zine v.5 n.1 was published in May/Apr/June 1992 and contains 36 pages.

V.5 N.2

Generic Ad Zine v.5 n.2 was published in July/Aug/Sept 1992 and contains 36 pages.

V.5 N.3

GAZ v.5 n.3 was published in 1992.

V.5 N.4

GAZ v.5 n.4 was published in 1993.

V.6 N.1

GAZ v.6 n.1 was published in July 1993 and contains 90 pages.

front cover of v.6 n.1

This is Volume 6, Issue 1, July 1, 1993. The new management is REVELcon Press. GAZ's new managing editor is Carolyn O'Neal (she customized the program we are using). THANK YOU CAROLYN! The new publisher is Candace Pulleine. The cover was done by Laurie Keeper. MANY THANKS LAURIE. The Dragadillo (the GAZ logo under Jennifer's auspices) is named Gazpacho. The wing cat (Pegacat?), the GAZ logo under REVELcon Press, is unnamed as yet. Any suggestions?

We are planning special sections listing: fans' new addresses; requests from editors for lost or new addresses of contributors or purchasers of zines; and requests from zine buyers about nonreceipt of paid for zines.

V.6 N.2

GAZ v.6 n.2 was published in in September 1993 and contains 102 pages.

front cover of v.6 n.2
This issue has a letter from a fan:
Attention all MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. fans! It has come to my attention that there is serious talk about making a new theatrical length movie based on our favorite secret agents. Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin. Mr. Norman Felton has asked that anyone and everyone write directly to him, expressing their approval for the making of such a movie. He plans to take all these letters to the new producers, to show them we mean business, and there is definitely a need to have this movie made. Mr. Felton promises that he will personally write back to anyone who writes to him, so let's all drop him a note and give him writer's cramp, okay?! His address is below. Send a letter or post card wherein you say how much you enjoyed the old show and would love to see a new one made. Be sure to include yhour return address so he can write you back!! Please make no mention of the actors, since no one has been signed as yet, and we don't know who will be. There is really a very good chance this movie will be made, but we all need to band together and show our support. Please write him today. Thanks. Lisa Brazdil, editor of "The Kuryakin File".

V.6 N.3

GAZ v.6 n.3 was published in December 1993.

V.7 N.1

GAZ v.7 n.1 was published in was published in 1994.

V.7 N.2

Generic Ad Zine v.7 n.2 was published in August 1994 and contains 105 pages. This issue contains a long list of fan birthdays by month and day from July through November.

The front and back covers are by Sherlock.

V.7 N.3

Generic Ad Zine v.7 n.3 was published in December 1994 and contains 102 pages. This issue contains a list of fans birthdays in December-March.

The front and back covers are by Sherlock.

V.7 N.4


V.8 N.1

GAZ v.8 n.1 was published in April 1995 and contains 91 pages. It lists 888 records (60 new ones) from 247 editors/publishers. The cover is by Sherlock.

One zine publisher had this notice:
ORION PRESS, a fan-run, fan-supported press which has served Star Trek fandom for over fourteen years, has decided it will not have any presence at MediaWest*Con 15. Our decision is based on the unprecedented institution of a room lottery system which has left a number of our readers, contributors and editors without rooms in the convention hotel, thereby diminishing our enjoyment of the convention as well as adding undue expense to our convention budget. This being the case, ORION PRESS wishes to inform those readers who normally attend MediaWest*Con in order to purchase our zines that we will be taking part in REVELcon, ShoreLeave and other 1995 conventions to be announced later. We hope that ORION PRESS will be able to return to MediaWest*Con in future years. We will do so when the lottery assignment policies are replaced with something we and our readers find more acceptable.

V.8 N.2

GAZ v.8 n.2 was published in August 1995 and contains 91 pages.

V.8 N.3

GAZ v.8 n.3 was published in December 1995.

V.9 N.1

GAZ v.9 n.1 was published in April 1996 and contains 83 pages. The cover is by Sherlock.

V.9 N.2

GAZ v.9 n.2 was published in August 1996 and contains 102 pages. There is a birthday list for fans for September-December.

The cover is by Sherlock.

V.9 N.3

GAZ v.9 n.3 was published in December 1996 and contains 70 pages.

V.10 N.1

GAZ v.10 n.1 was published in April 1997 and contains 82 pages. It lists 682 records (116 new ones) from 204 editors/publishers.

Reactions and Reviews

[From 1992, Bill Hupe's description of "FYI" and GAZ]: "These two may not have the flash of Media Monitor, nor the organization, either, but their content amount is somewhere between Zine Scene and Media Monitor. FYI does tend to run a bit longer ads, but otherwise these are about on par with each other, except Generic Ad Zine demotes all Star Trek and ST-TNG fanzines to their own supplemental listing, available at additional cost, and without any description. It has also been some time since the last GAZ, but up until recently, it was almost impeccably on time. FYI (which we also agent) has almost always been nearly right on schedule." [2]


  1. ^ "Mysti Frank: As one of the founders of GAZ, thank you, Scott, for remembering it. :-) It was hard to update each issue back in the days when computers were just starting to be common in homes and we were all still using 5.25" floppies. Yikes, that takes me back! And not in a good way! Anyway, it was fun..." -- Jan Keeler‎ to Fan Quality Awards as presented at MW*C (May 2014)
  2. ^ from The Trekzine Times v.2 n.2/3