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This page is about the fan artist. For other meanings, see Sherlock.

Name: Sherlock
Alias(es): Sherry Watson
Type: fanartist
Fandoms: Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Dark Shadows and others
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Sherlock is a fanartist. She was a Hugo Award nominee for Fan Artist, 1997.

  • "Con Committees: Trekkon '84, Southwest Monkees Fiesta '88, Worldcon '97... participated in many many cons as the Specialty Sign Department--created hand-drawn signs for numerous cons from Trekkon '84 to NASFiC '85 on to BoucherCon 2002... also provided interior clip art for zillions of program books and con flyers, many program book covers and t-shirts/convention art (latest, Revelcon in Houston)." [1]

Sherlock contributed art to many fanzines, including:


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