Bellisario's Boys

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Title: Bellisario's Boys
Publisher: Blue Whale Press
Date(s): 2008
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Bellisario's Boys is a gen 208-page digest-sized anthology of fiction focusing on the characters created by producer-writer Donald Bellisario. The front cover is by Sherlock.

  • No Warning by Loretta Greco (NCIS) (5)
  • THe Bastard by Loretta Greco (NCIS) (23)
  • Late Night Visitor by Kristi Nelson (NCIS) (27)
  • Pretty Please, with Sugar on It by Wendy Karmell (NCIS) (29)
  • Trust by Loretta Greco (NCIS) (33)
  • Aloha by Kristi Nelson (NCIS) (35)
  • Secrets by Loretta Greco (NCIS) (38)
  • The Box by Loretta Greco (NCIS) (41)
  • Five Songs by Kristi Nelson (NCIS) (44)
  • Jethro Gibbs by Kristi Nelson (NCIS) (49)
  • The Note by Loretta Greco (NCIS)/(JAG)/(Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (56)
  • Anatomy of a Leap by Kristi Nelson (NCIS)/(Quantum Leap) (65)
  • Counting Sunrises by Loretta Greco (Magnum, P.I.) (88)
  • The Right Thing by Loretta Greco (Tequila and Bonetti) (95)
  • Musings of an Admiral by Kristi Nelson (JAG) (98)
  • Musings of a Petty Officer by Kristi Nelson (JAG) (100)
  • Put to Rest by Loretta Greco (JAG) (102)
  • Silent Yearnings by Kristi Nelson (JAG) (112)
  • Leaping into Harm's Way by Kristi Nelson (JAG)/(Quantum Leap) (114)
  • The Deception by Loretta Greco (Airwolf) (137)
  • The Man in White by Loretta Greco (Airwolf) (150)
  • What If? by Kristi Nelson (Quantum Leap) (154)
  • Observing the Observer by Kristi Nelson (Quantum Leap) (159)
  • The Leap Beyond by Kristi Nelson (Quantum Leap/(Matrix) (164)