The Ninth Quadrant

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Title: Ninth Quadrant
Editor(s): various
Date(s): August 1977-1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Ninth Quadrant is a gen Star Trek: TOS fanzine.

From a 1979 ad for the third issue: "Ninth Quadrant is a gen'zine. It contains NO 'Adult' material of any kind." [1]

Its spicier sister zine is In a Plain Brown Wrapper.

Issue 1

The Ninth Quadrant 1 was published August 1977 and contains 78 pages.

It was edited by Judith Ward, Sara Breck, Lynda Kaye Boots, and Helen Padgett.

It included this apology:
The editors apologize for the rather poor printing on some pages. The typist listened to the IBM Salespersons who sold her the special typewriter ribbon and the "Supposed" correcting tape that went with it. Unfortunately, while the ribbon worked quite well, the correcting tape worked not at all... We have tried to correct the most blatant errors to prevent interference with reading, but some may have slipped by. Our next issue will not have this flaw.
  • October 26, 1881—Stardate 4385.3 by Waldo Lydecker (an article about the actual "gunfight at the O.K. Corral") (1)
  • In Perspective: Star Wars by C.J. Twilly (a review of Star Wars and of other George Lucas endeavors) (5)
  • A Star Wars Game (trivia and observations), author is not credited (8)
  • untitled poem by David Curtain (10)
  • One, poem by Christine Myers (11)
  • Art Folio with poems by Judith Ward (12)
  • Worlds Are My Toys, poem by Breck (17)
  • deja vu, poem by S.J. (19)
  • Love's Logic, poem by Connie Edwards (20)
  • Alien Women: An Art Folio by Louise (21)
    • Keeper
    • Klingon
    • Vulcan
    • Romulan
  • Judith’s Story by Judith Ward (a imagined playbill for a fantasy play, along with a fictional explanation (RPF and self-insert) of fans Judith Ward and and Chris Schafer being hired to work for William Shatner as personal assistants at conventions, and to produce a play) (26)
  • Writing Contest (2 pages)
  • Lemon-Egg Soup Recipe (Walter Koenig) (32)
  • Sorcerers World, Star Trek fiction by Lynda Kaye Boots (33)
  • Many Nice Things, zine ads (75)

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Madeline Rogers
back cover of issue #2
inside art from issue #2, Mary Stacy-MacDonald

The Ninth Quadrant 2 was published in June 1978 and contains 79 pages.

It was edited by Helen Padgett.

  • A Retrospective: Star Wars by C.J. Twilly (1)
  • Trekkin' to the Stars by Olga Castaneda (6)
  • Farewell by Jim Hoffman (7)
  • If Only I Could Remember My Name by Winston A. Howlett (9)
  • Companions Together by Rita Harlow (11)
  • writing contest (12)
  • Return to Babel by Patricia A. Cooke (13)
  • An Invaluable Learning Experience by Toni Cardinal-Price (13)
  • Truth and Guilt in Star Fleet by Waldo Lydecker (30)
  • The Poet and The Peasant by Roberta Rogow (32)
  • Trekkers by Thomas Young (34)
  • Limericks by Carolyn Seaton (34)
  • Questions by Mary Stacy-MacDonald (35)
  • From the Lost City by Carolyn Seaton (36)
  • Fantasy Folio by Athena (37)
  • word search by Helen Padgett (43)
  • The Tides of Love by Becky McKeehan (45)
  • Highland Love by Kathleen (46)
  • Starship by Carolyn Seaton (46)
  • A Question of Responsibility by Toni Cardinal-Price (47)
  • Impossible Love by Mary Jiminez (71)
  • Days of Glory by Sara Breck (72)
  • The Land of the Movie Monsters by Bobby Schaefer and Rebecca Ward (73)
  • LOCs (74)
  • zines (76)
  • clubs ( 78)
  • art by Mary Stacy-MacDonald, Athena and Madeline Rogers (covers)

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3, Madeline Rogers

The Ninth Quadrant 3 was published in September 1979 and contains 182 pages.

It was edited by Helen Padgett, Judith Ward, and Lynda Kaye Boots.

From a flyer:
Ninth Quadrant is a gen'zine. It contains NO 'Adult' material of any kind. This issue will be published in Late summer '79. It will be printed photo-offset, 8^ x 11 format, and should be between 125-175 pages in length. Reservation fee is 13.00. PLEASE include an SASE for notification of final price and postage.
  • Transition by Mary A. Smith ("Captain Pike turns over the Enterprise and more to James T. Kirk.") (1)
  • The Wonderful Wargentin Werewolves by Anji Valenza (Not a Kirk and Spock story.) (7)
  • Confessions of a Star Trek Nut by Susan Sullie (11)
  • Flight by Kathleen Milne (15)
  • Call Friend by Suzanne Betley (23)
  • Nightmare by Mairanne Hornlein (24)
  • Whooping It Up on the Enterprise, or It Wasn't In Just the Stars by Elaine Norwood (31)
  • Not the First Nor the Last by Freda Rayborn (Spock has been shaken by a disastrous landing party assignment in which 5 crewmen were killed. The wall of misunderstanding between McCoy and Spock may prevent the doctor from helping the First Officer resolve his guilt.) (35)
  • Supernova by Marilyn Mink (42)
  • Islands in Time by Lynn Ward ("A non-Trek tale of time travel and adventure.") (44)
  • A Silent Regret by Bonnie Guyan (100)
  • Transporter Shock by Allen L. Parker (102)
  • Tomorrow and Yesterday, art portfolio by Madeline Rogers (103)
  • Out of Course, Out of Order by Verna Mae Long ("A Kirk and Spock adventure story.") (111)
  • Grief by Suzanne Betley (144)
  • Same Time, Same Station, Next Century by Carolyn Seaton (146)
  • Dreams by Kathleen Milne (151)
  • The Lysander Series by Marjorie Robbins: chapter one -- The Humanity of a Vulcan, chapter two -- Thou Dost Protest Too Much by Marjorie Robbines (153)
  • word search answer by Helen Padgett (177)
  • Addendum by the editors (178)
  • art by Lynn Garcia, Madeline Rogers (covers), Mary Stacy-MacDonald, Teri Thorowgood, and Anji Valenza

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

The Ninth Quadrant 4 was published in 1982 and is 177 pages long.

It was edited by Helen Padgett.

  • At Last, Command (2 pages)
  • Hijacked (31 pages)
  • A Morning With Roddy McDowell (21 pages)
  • The Lysander Series: Chapter 3—The Blackness Of Space (8 pages), Chapter 4—He Is My Captain (8 pages) by Marjorie Robbins (note: this series remained unfinished despite the editorial in issue #5)
  • Vulcan Word Fill-In Puzzle (1 page)
  • Menagerie (96 pages)
  • Vulcan Word Fill-In Puzzle Answers (1 page)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

This issue contains 'At Last, Command' -- a two pager about Chekov's first command; cute with some good lines, but the basic idea is not really believable. Fifteen minutes of sitting in the captain's chair does not an officer make. 'Hijacked' -- a genuinely funny and charming tale of a young telepath who ends up accidentally kidnapped by a Vulcan space pirate. Highly enjoyable tongue-in-cheek fluff. 'A Morning with Roddy McDowell' -- 18 pages of a one and a half year old conversation. 'The Lysander Series'(chapters 3 & 4) -- this is an excellent example of why it is generally a bad idea to run multi-part stories. According to the editorial, NQ3 came out nearly three years ago. Therefore, even if you had read chapters 1 & 2, you would almost certainly have forgotten what had gone on in those segments. The parts included here are hard to get into, and frankly, there is little point in doing so, because the section ends without resolution and with no guarantees as to when you'll be able to read more of this unvarnished space opera. 'Rule and Regulations Governing the Condut of Cadets on the Premise [sic] of the Dining Hall' -- despite the fact that this dining hall is a mere concept and not an actual place, this single page is Tigriffin's choice for best of zine award... 'The Menagerie' -- title sounds familiar, doesn't it? One gets the same indefinable sense of deja vu as one proceeds to read the story. Yes, the author spends 90 pages retelling the screenplay with original dialogue, of the entire aired version of the episode by the same name. The few added examinations of viewpoint thrown in in an attempt to legitimatize this blatant rip-ff are not sufficient grounds for either writing or printing a story 99% of fandom could relate in their sleep. Poetry and other features vary widely in quality; some are quite good, some are abysmal. Overall content: averages out to be fair, at best. Art: consistently good, the artist deserved better material to work with. Repro: clean and legible. Value: the good bits, sad to say, would be worth roughly the postage cost of mailing a 178 page zine, which leaves nothing left over for buying it. Not recommended unless you are a BIG fan of Roddy McDowell and/or Pike. [3]

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, Madeline Rogers
back cover of issue #5, Madeline Rogers

The Ninth Quadrant 5 was published in 1983 and is 118 pages long. The art is by Madeline Rogers, Bonnie Reitz, Mary Bohdanowicz (portfolio), Mary Stacy-MacDonald, Paula Mathai, and Gloria-Ann Rovelstad.

It was edited by Helen Padgett.

From the editorial:
For those of you who egpressed an interest in "The Lysander Series", we regret that the next installment will not be in this issue. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Marjorie Robbins was unable to complete the series. With the inspiration of the Great Bird of the Galaxy to guide us and Marjorie's permission, the editors of THE NINTH QUADRANT will attempt to complete the story from Marjorie's notes at a later date. Hopefully, it will appear in THE NINTH QUADRANT VI." [4]
  • Son to Father, poem by Lucinda Swisher (1)
  • Love, Bones, poem by Debi Cole (2)
  • The Price You Pay by Michael Hugan (Scotty story, contest winner from The Ninth Quadrant #2) (10)
  • Past Regrets, poem by Elaine Treipp (10)
  • Hostages, story by Millie Fabricius (consort to a federal agent) (11)
  • The Battle, poem by Dawn Law (46)
  • Reality, vignette by Dawn Law (Kirk thought he dreamed after STII) (47)
  • Fantasy Art Folio by Mary Bohdanowicz (50)
  • In Remembrance, vignette by Debi Cole (Kirk and Saavik talk about Spock) (57)
  • Professor Crator, poem by Jane Yanbe (61)
  • Ranya, poem by Jane Yambe (62)
  • I am A Rock, story by Rowena Warner (Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a planet and into a Klingon trap. Kirk is apparently killed, leaving Spock and McCoy alone to battle the Klingons.) (63)
  • Man Born of Woman, story by Linda Slusher (Klingons getting rid of tribbles) (86)
  • Lelia: Bella Donna, poem by Linda Slusher (86)
  • The Sharlin Dilemma, story by Debi Cole (Spock and T’Pael) (87)
  • Bailey, poem by Jane Yambe (116)
  • Men, poem by Richard Franco (117)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Madeline Rogers

The Ninth Quadrant 6 was published in 1985 and is 151 pages long. Art editor is Madeline Rogers.

It was edited by Helen Padgett and Debi Cole.

  • Patient Stars by Robin Hood (1)
  • Vulcan by James T. Crawford (2)
  • Challenge Accepted by Shirley Sipe (Spock's life on the Enterprise was predictable and secure. Then came the arrival of Dr. Leonard McCoy. To Spock's dismay, this new doctor is always underfoot and seems oblivious to intimidation.) 3
  • Memories of a Long Time Ago by Sharon Robison (9)
  • Depth of Commitment by Debi Cole (11)
  • Before Gol - Letting Go by C.M. Beasor (23)
  • Someday by Patricia Demetri (24)
  • Heartache by Patricia Demetri (25)
  • Art Folio by Winners of Art Contest (26)
  • Shifting Time by Dawn Law (36)
  • Once a Pun a Trek by Ahm McWierd (37)
  • Missing by Robin Hood (57)
  • Duties Choice by Sharon Robison (The colony on the planet Beta Ti Alpha has been stricken with an unexplained disease and the Enterprise is preceding to the planet at maximum warp with medical personnel and perishable drugs. McCoy is outraged when the ship is ordered to alter course to investigate a possible distress signal from a small ship, only to discover the sole survivor an the ship is his daughter, Joanna. The two McCoys are delighted to be together again, but problems develop when Jim Kirk becomes interested in Joanna.) 58)
  • Tribbles by James T. Crawford (92)
  • Searching by Nora Jeffrey (93)
  • Remember Again by Dawn Law (95)
  • Look to the Future by Renita Lane (97)
  • Charms by Patricia Demetri (100)
  • Storms by Debi Cole (101)
  • Out of the Ashes by Richard Franco (107)
  • Scenes from the Past by C.M. Beasor (109)
  • Marooned by Millie Fabricius (114)
  • Enterprise by James T. Crawford (129)
  • Escape by Millie Fabricius (130)
  • Thoughts of Dion by Sharon Robison (149)
  • Uhura by Madeline Rogers (151)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Madeline Rogers

The Ninth Quadrant 7 was published in 1985 and is 133 pages long.

It was edited by Helen Padgett and Debi Cole.

  • Bowl of Rice by Jane Yambe (1)
  • Star Captain's Prayer by T'Hera Snaider (9)
  • Kirk's Lament by Jane Yambe (11)
  • Kalahari by Susan McLeod (13)
  • Genesis by T'Hera Snaider (27)
  • Dancing Girls by Linda Chanack (29)
  • Black Jack by Jane Yambe (47)
  • A Dubious Decision by Susan McLeod (49)
  • Holiday Cheer by Susan McLeod (72)
  • Turnabout by CarolMel Ambassador (75)
  • Honorable Man by Debi Cole (77)
  • Hard Lessons by C.A. Pierce (79)
  • The Vulcan's Way by CarolMel Ambassador (99)
  • A Sonnet for Jim by Jim Gibson (103)
  • Two by Two by Cindy Wilmoth (103)
  • Me Leonard, You Lizzy by Patsy Curnow (Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott vie for the attention of Dr. Elizabeth O'Shinacy, the neu veterinarian assigned to the Enterprise. An unexpected turn of events give McCoy the advantage in winning the doctor's affection.) 106
  • Cartoon by Sherlock (133)


Issue 8

cover of issue #8, Madeline Rogers

The Ninth Quadrant 8 was published in 1987 and is 159 pages long. Madeline Rogers is the front and back cover artist. Other atwork by Sherlock, Vickie Rizzo, and C.A. Pierce.

It was edited by Helen Padgett and Debi Cole.

  • Deluded Complex by Sharon Robison and Mark Foster (1)
  • It's My Starship by Ann Morris (20)
  • Calamity Sam by Patsy Curnow (21)
  • ST:SA Held a Fest by Richard Franco (53)
  • Incident on Denndor by Vickie Rizzo (55)
  • Note to a Lover Out in Space by Ann Morris (64)
  • Breakdown by Carolyn Atkinson (65)
  • Tall Ships Yet Sail by Richard Franco (83)
  • Tartarus by C.A. Pierce (85)
  • A Matter of Diplomacy by J. Wertz (111)
  • Tacky Tongue Twister by Richard Franco (159)

Issue 9

front cover of issue #9, Madeline Rogers
interior art from issue #9, portrait of Christine Chapel, by Vel Jaeger

The Ninth Quadrant 9 was published in 1988 and is 115 pages long. Madeline Rogers is the front cover artist. An interior artist is Vel Jaeger.

  • Trelane's Revenge by Michael Lanouette (1)
  • Bonded by Two: Belonging to None by Barbara Trimble (31)
  • Perspective by Alyns Lawchilde (36)
  • Christine Chapel, Ph.D., M.D. by Jasmin (37)
  • Thoughts Over Saurian Brandy by Gretchen C. Cupp (39)
  • McCoy's Lament by Debi Cole (41)
  • A Heart Uneasy by CarolMel Ambassador (43)
  • Dream Voyage by Kathleen O'Brien (45)
  • Kobayashi Maru Blues by Scott L. Spencer (47)
  • An 'Enterprise' of Paramount Importance by Tisha A. Kuntz (49)
  • Christine Chapel Art Folio by Various (82)
  • The Morning Mists by L.A. Caskey (90)
  • Strike! by Jan Wertz (99)
  • Cartoon by Lynne Alisse Witten (115)


  1. ^ from an ad in Saurian Brandy Digest #20
  2. ^ A word of advice: this recipe doesn't look like it would work very well as it is too vague and imprecise. It does not address what you do with the chicken after taking it out of the pot. Nor is whirring up some rice and stock in a blender recommended: gummy!
  3. ^ from Datazine #19
  4. ^ "The Lysander Series" remained unfinished.