Mary Stacy-MacDonald

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Name: Mary Stacy (aka Mary Stacy-MacDonald)
Alias(es): Fardreaming
Type: Fan
Fandoms: Star Trek TOS
Communities: Sarek and Amanda
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Mary has had a lifetime obsession with Sarek and Amanda, Spock's parents from Journey to Babel. She started illustrating back in '77. For a short while there was plenty to do, but as time went on, less and less. By the late 80's TOS zines were scarce and Sarek and Amanda stories even scarcer, so most of her work was done for sale at convention art shows.

She worked alongside Dusty Jones and Mark Lenard (Sarek) at cons for juvenile diabetes.[1]

I approach the portraiture and illustration in 2 different manners. The portrait work is done relying strongly on reference photos. When I illustrated, I tried to use photos little if at all for reference, preferring to immerse myself inthe writers work and approaching my subjects as real people and not as the actor who was portraying them. For the "fantasy" pieces, these I did just for fun. There was never really a market for this type of piece in Sarek and Amanda, as much as I wish there were. I enjoyed doing them, hopefully you may enjoy viewing them. I tend to work in a larger size, so many of the images have been pieced. I have tried to make this as unobtrusive as possible, but there may be a slight line indicating the overlaying.
In the last 10 years, I've shifted from illustration, which unfortunately is rarely called upon, as the printed zine has disappeared, to writing. At this point I have written more than 20 stories, most of which can be found on at .

Art Credits

cover of Evolution of a Rebel, art by Mary Stacy-MacDonald. More art below.

Some of her many, many Art Credits:

Writing Credits

  • Catching Fireflies at MidSummer Eve [[1]]
  • Fireflies' Dance [[2]]
  • The Only Truth [[3]]
  • Afterglow [[4]]
  • The Night is Long and Dark but Filled with Stars [[5]]
  • The Satisfaction of a Slap [[6]]
  • Friendly Persuasion [[7]]
  • Mementos [[8]]
  • All That Is, All that Was, All That Will Never be [[9]]
  • Desert Blooms [[10]]
  • The Challenge of Snowfall [[11]]
  • The Dust of Roses [[12]]
  • The End of All Things [[13]]
  • Darkness Through 'Til Light [[14]]
  • Broken Wings [[15]]
  • Small Sacrifices [[16]]
  • Still Life With Sonnet [[17]]
  • A Fairy Tale Swallowed Whole - True Vulcan Confessions.
  • The Ambassador's Jailbait Chapter 17 (Under the byline Jasmine Lunardi) - True Vulcan Confessions.



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