Dusty Jones

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Name: Dusty Jones
Alias(es): L.L. MacLeod
Fandoms: Star Trek
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In Memory

"Dusty Jones, writer, editor of LIAPITA (Logic is a Pain in the Ass) and True Vulcan Confessions. Affectionately known as Commodore Hotel to the August Party set and one of the original co-chairs of the August Party. Worked alongside Mary Stacy and Mark Lenard Sarek at cons for juvenile diabetes. Died in 2003 from cancer."[1]

Author of Sellout (a Krepe Paper) which appeared in True Vulcan Confessions

Under the name of L.L. MacLeod she wrote Little White Lies, Too Long A Frost and A Vulcan Tea Party which appeared in True Vulcan Confessions and LIAPITA